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  • Personal Narrative: The Circadian Rhythm

    do what most students do, get a job. Luckily for me my local Target Superstore was hiring and after an application and a couple interviews, I was employed. It was a fun summer, but when I left they asked me if I would like to come back during Black Friday, to which I said absolutely. Of course, little did I know they would have me working the Midnight to 10 AM shift. Normally I…

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  • Mennonite Culture Essay

    Mennonites first arrived in Canada in 1776. They had originated from German speaking countries making the German language on of their defining traits during that time. A census done in 2001 stated that 191,000 Mennonites live in Canada, and as of 2010 the largest concentrations of which lived in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Kitchener-Waterloo area. Over half of the Mennonite populations live in cities, mainly Winnipeg (Millette, 2015). Much is not commonly known about the Mennonite culture to those…

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  • Personal Narrative: The College Transfer Success Class

    Thursday, which meant that I was supposed to do all of the assignments for the week on Thursday. Because I procrastinated on the other classes, I found myself doing Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s work on Thursday, which meant that I had to do ACA 122 on Friday. It’s super easy to procrastinate but super hard to come up from the mistakes you’ve made. I wish someone would have told me to stick it out from the beginning, because I wouldn’t have been spending so much time and rushing to get other things…

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  • Sophomore Year Reflection

    read and I had retained none of it. That week passed and Monday rolled around. We had our very first WHAP quiz, which I evidently failed because I didn’t remember anything about the chapter. Thankfully the quiz didn’t make it onto our grade. That Friday came the chapter test, which of course I failed as well. Tests could be made up, but this is not boding well for me. There needs to be some changes. After the second chapter test, I’d learned my lesson. WHAP was purely self-taught, two test days…

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  • Elena Mikaelson: A Fictional Narrative

    Elena Here’s the thing about Elena Mikaelson; she’s a very guarded person. It takes a lot to figure out what goes on in that pretty little brunette head of hers. In her quaint house residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Elena starts to get ready for school. Her long, brown, curly hair is thrown up in a bun on the top of her head. She doesn’t feel the need to wear makeup because her big brown eyes and curly eyelashes stand out for themselves. Elena takes one final look in the mirror and puts…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Individual Learning Profile

    This will involve preparing for my synthesising sessions on Thursday and ensuring that I understand all the outcomes before the start of a new week on Friday. Friday nights and Saturday morning will be designated to writing weekly summaries that I can build on when we have our guided learning sessions. Sunday nights will be an opportunity for to go over learnt content and most importantly, for organising for…

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  • Cultural Aspects Of Doing Business In Saudi Arabia Case Study

    To: Professor Sean Thelen From: Zeinab Saleh Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Subject: Business in Saudi Arabia Part I. “Cultural Aspects of doing Business in Saudi Arabia” In doing my research on what potential countries we may do business with, I came across the country of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia being well known and rich for its natural resources of Petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold and copper, I would think that undergoing business in Saudi Arabia can be a highly-beneficial venture…

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  • Being A Preacher's Kid Essay

    There was no possible way to hide the fact that I had church on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. While many of my friends spent their Friday nights are the homecoming football game, I was in church trying to teach a bible story to twenty beautiful, yet wreck less little kids. Towards the beginning of my High School years my friends actually attempted to invite…

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  • Narrative Essay About My First Job

    because the pair of pants she wanted to buy was actually not on sale. The sale was for a certain style that was located next to the pair that she wanted. Another incident that I experienced that made this the worst job I have had happened during a Black Friday weekend. I was cleaning out the fitting room when I came across a pile of clothes that customers had left. While picking up the clothes, I noticed a puddle underneath the pile that I found out was urine. I was disgusted that someone would…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Eva Rothwell Centre

    included a pool table and computers. The kids room that houses the children is a little mix between all of the rooms it includes art, computers, a tv, dress up clothes, toys. There was a fully stocked kitchen that provides a breakfast program Monday to Friday and also provides a small snack to all their children in the after-school program. The senior center provides a small breakfast and a full lunch. There is also a small library that people can take books home and return them after they are…

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