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  • Perception Of Color Stereotypes

    Perspective, the most powerful thing on earth. A statement of my own so therefore not entirely factual, but true none the less. The very definition of perception is, “The way you think about or understand someone or something (Unknown, 2016)”. Is this not the very thing that causes us to take sides in conflict or to act on something that doesn’t seem right? We are not born with the understanding that “White is Right” we are taught this from a very young age by our predecessors; our parents, our…

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  • Observation Essay On Lighting

    Lighting The lights are the first thing the audience experience in this piece, then comes sound and movement. From the begging the lighting design was unique in the since that there was emphasis on the curtains. There were lights shining directly on the wings drapes. They were simply horizontal lines stacking straight up. The choice to have the lights show up first gave the audience time to take in the lights and create their own idea of what the lights represented. There were two sets/types of…

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  • Low Patient Satisfaction Rating: A Case Study

    always remember how they were treated, and the call lights are in place to help nurses deliver better care. Last semester, the nurse manager said that the patient satisfaction ratings were down to around a range of 40%. This number is extremely alarming. Most other area hospitals have patient satisfaction ratings are in the 80 to 90% range. After hearing that astonishing information, it became apparent why the numbers were so low. Call lights were not being answered by the nurses. Nurses only…

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  • Hummingbird Pollination

    Pollination syndromes in large flowered plants. The land is more beautiful when it is that season of the year when flowers are scattered everywhere. Flowers are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. A flower is sometimes called a bloom or blossom, it is the only reproductive structure found in flowering plants. Its biological function mostly it is to outcome reproduction through a mechanism of the amalgamation of sperm with eggs. They may go through what is called outcrossing and selfing. In…

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  • Star And Sun Research Paper

    The Sun and Our Star - Have you ever questioned as to how and why we are able to dry our clothes in the summer, and to be able to heat food and treat our water? - This all thanks to the sun - Without the sun, we all would be dead, it gives us light, heat and energy to heat up the Earth - Most of the energy stays inside of the sun because of its gravitational pull, and all small amounts leave the surface in the form of radiant energy Type of star: Age: Yellow dwarf 4.5 Billion Years…

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  • Additive Manufacturing Case Study

    the central area. In order to fuse the powder on top of the previous layer without thermal distortion the entire bed is heated below the melting point of powder by infrared heaters. Then the powder is sintered into preferred shape by using CO2 laser light that has enough power. After sintered part is cooled for sufficient time, the bed part is lowered by a thickness of a one layer and roller spreads a new powder layer. This process is repeated layer by layer until the entire product is…

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  • Importance Of Light Microscope

     Introduction.  Parts of light microscope.  Steps to setup light microscope.  Uses of light microscope.  How to clean light microscope.  Maintain the light microscope.  Summery.  References. Introduction. Light microscope is an instrument which used to magnify small specimen which cannot be seen through naked eye, by using a light source. It helps to magnify the small object to 1000* times than the real size of the real object. In light microscope light ray is send and it…

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  • Hue, Saturation, And Intensity Aresi In HSI Color Model

    Hue, Saturation, and Intensity are represented as HSI in HSI colour model. The HSI model is used as an alternative to, or alongside the RGB representation. In this model, the hue of a colour is its angle measure on a colour wheel. Pure red have hue value as 0°, pure green have hue value as 120°, and pure blues have hue value as 240°. Neutral colours like white, grey, and black are set to hue value 0° for feasibility. Intensity is total brightness of the colour and also defined numerically as the…

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  • Photosynthesis Importance

    source of energy for the planet we live on. Many forms of solar radiation exist but the most important form of radiation in biology and for photosynthesis are infared rays, ultraviolet rays and light rays. Photosynthesis is the way in which some specialised bateria and green plants use their chlorophyll to trap light energy and then use this energy to convert carbon dioxide and water to glucose and oxygen. The green colour in plants is from the chemical chlorophyll which is found in the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Rosseland Radiation Model

    Rosseland Radiation Model The Rosseland Model (Diffusion approximation model) is applicable when the medium is optically thick i.e. the optical thickness is much greater than 1 where a is the absorption coefficient of the medium, σ is the scattering coefficient of the medium and L is the average path length. The radiative heat flux is approximated as [3], (2.13) where qr is the radiative heat flux, Γ is the radiative diffusivity and G is the incident radiation. In contrast to the P-1 model…

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