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  • Student Engagement Research Paper

    aspects of student life is playing games. Many students frequently spend hours playing games with their friends or glued to one type of screen or another. Most sources estimate that on average people spend about 2 hours per day on games, and that most youth are well above this average. Capturing this energy to improve engagement and motivation would significantly improve classroom learning. Currently…

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  • Game Day-Personal Narrative

    Game Day I woke up thinking, It's game day. I was as nervous as a mouse surrounded by a cat. My 13-year-old baseball team was playing the team that won the championship two years in a row. I kind of thought we all were nervous because if we lost that meant we go home and nobody wanted to go home. Since I was awake early in the morning I thought I should do my daily routine of stretching and eating my oatmeal and salad. Since our game was later that day like a night game I just did a few sit ups…

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  • Soccer: The Integral Part Of My Life

    I was four years old when I started playing soccer, and at ten I knew I wanted to play in college. Soccer has been a huge part of my life for twelve years now, growing up I had always played defense and loved it. When eighth grade came around, my travel team needed a goalie, I decided to take one for the team and become our goalie for that season instead of playing my usual position. Playing goalie was never my first choice, but I knew that I had to do it if I wanted to play soccer that season,…

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  • Essay On Dark Souls 3

    release, Dark Souls 3 has climbed to be the best rated game of the year. In a game that combines a huge map with astonishing graphics is a huge tier to cross in the RPG gameplay. In my odyssey I was constantly meet with death and destruction while dancing with bosses to postpone my inevitable outcome of one of us will die. In playing Dark Souls 3 like every other game is how well the graphics are. Over time technology has gotten better to make the games nowadays seem life like. As a matter of…

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  • Basketball Narrative

    My eyes focused on the whiteboard as Coach’s pen formed X’s and O’s on the squeaky white surface. He looked at me, trying to give me that boost of confidence for the end of this game. “Alright guys listen up. Ryan has guarded their best player all game, it’s time we catch him off guard,” he said. I answered with a head nod, because my mouth was paper. A 6 foot 4 inch guy shouldn 't have any trouble guarding a guy 4 inches shorter than you, right? WRONG. I have been playing basketball since 5,…

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  • The Stanley Parable Analysis

    have chosen to analyse is a game called The Stanley Parable written by Davey Wreden. The game involves you playing as a man named Stanley who one day believes all his co-workers are gone. It is narrated by a voiceover who gives you instructions on what you to do. I’ve chosen this particular hypertext as it plays with the element of control in an intriguing way. As well as following the narrator’s instructions, you can also defy them and create your own path in the game. For…

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  • Competitive Sports Benefits

    touchdown. Mankind has always had this burning passion to be competitive with one another. This is a phenomenon that has, still is, and will probably last forever. What can we say games are fun! Also, whether you are playing or viewing there is entertainment for everyone involved. In the last ten years or so avid fans of video games like League of Legends and Call of Duty, just to name a couple, have been making some substantial income playing competitively with players around the world. Just…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fiveman Football Team

    I made it about halfway through the football season that year. Things were not going well for our freshman football team this season. We struggled to get through every game and the team held a record of one win and six losses. The season so far was very hard on me. The team had many let downs with very few close calls and even fewer highlights. Our football team had never been good. My team included the same group of guys since the six grade, most of them were still the same size in high school…

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  • Explain Why Soccer Is The Best Sport Essay

    of exercise. Soccer is a great sport; the games are especially fun. Soccer is a great way to make friends and have fun. The competitiveness of the sport also attracts people to it. Soccer can lead to injury, although not as often as many other sport. This is because many of the things that lead to injury are to allowed. Soccer is also fun because it is a team sport. This…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Deep Black

    because I knew the moment I got home and walked through that door, the weekend would officially start. Thoughts crossed my mind of what I wanted to do once I made it home. Did I want to play drums, watch a movie, or play a game; then it hit me, there was an amazing deal on new game I had wanted desperately called, Deep Black. I remembered that it had gone on sale earlier that week, and I could not contain my excitement. Deep Black was an action/shooter that was themed mostly underneath the…

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