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  • Mr Saffold Character Analysis

    Highly effective principals are Activators. Activators are not sitting around waiting for things to happen. They decide what needs to be done and move forward to accomplish their goals. Activators described in the textbook are all on the go with personalities to match, but the essence of this trait is not just a big personality. It is the ability to make things happen. This type of principal has the ability to motivate others, cheer them on, and take risks. Activators take the initiative…

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  • Globalization's Missing Middle Class Analysis

    elimination of the middle class (Garrett 204). NAFTA was a large contributor to the middle class jobs, in for example the United States, leaving to historically third world countries such as China and India (Garrett 204). These growing economies had large populations with minimal jobs so, as manufacturing positions that require no prerequisites, flooded third world markets, these countries were given the opportunity to gain a strong economic foothold in the global market (Garrett 204). The…

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  • Gender Identity: A Conceptual Analysis

    Understanding gender identity is not just about whether someone identifies as male or female. People identify in several different gender categories, from straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, gender fluid, gender neutral and more., which consists of blogs, forums and definitions of gender in the nonbinary sense, explains identifying as gender fluid means to flow between the masculine and feminine possibly several times a day, weekly, monthly, more or less (2015). My…

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  • Third Man Critique

    Screening: The Third Man (1949): Directed by Carol Reed, this black and white film had exceptionally articulate visuals of landscapes throughout the city of Vienna in 1948. In spite of being for the most part shot around evening time and in the sewers, the director does an incredible job capturing the overall character of the city. The music was fairly interesting, and added a feeling of peculiarity to the film. Although all the actors played their roles, respectively, Orson Welles was my…

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  • School Uniform Colonialism

    School uniforms are not universally utilized throughout the world. In fact, across the globe people of color are significantly more likely to attend a school that mandates uniforms. Given this, one might postulate that communities of color value school uniforms and therefore, utilize them more often. This paper will suggest that this is not the case and demonstrate the role that colonialism and systemic oppression play in the widespread use of uniforms on students of color. This is increasingly…

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  • Pros Of Sweatshops

    Sweatshops are business establishments where employees work long hours under poor conditions for low wages; sometimes employees are underage and work 60-100 hours per week. Sweatshops are a major part of people’s lives who work in third world countries. Overlooking age requirements, work conditions, and correct compensation that we find acceptable, people who live and work there do not think sweatshops are wrong; for people in developing countries, sweatshops are their best way of surviving.…

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  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Punta Cana

    Depending where you go it can help with wildlife preservation and rainforests ("Positive & Negative Effects of Tourism"). In the Dominican Republic city Punta Cana, where the resort Grupo Punta Cana is stationed, is an extraordinary example how luxury and nature needs can be met. They keep acres of land untouched and have policies to help protect barrier reefs. They have even reforest parts…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Underdeveloped Nations

    Another year of poor rural generation has left… in earnest need of sustenance help" - this is one of those titles that are commonly found in the keep going upgrades on the circumstance in "creating" nations. The emergency, which these nations end up in, is by all accounts endless and just collecting from year to year with uncommon enhancements. No big surprise that such many individuals these days live past the fringe to neediness and don 't have fundamental needs keeping in mind the end goal to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gender Neutral Restrooms

    Children should enjoy their childhood without having to question who they are. As gender neutral restrooms are being added to public schools, a gender identity epidemic is growing among young children. Gender neutral restrooms should be limited and not be allowed among elementary schools. Why should kids be dragged into society’s definition of gender roles? Children do not evolve into better human beings if they worry about the type of person they have to be according to society. Furthermore,…

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  • Barack Obama's Transition Speech

    All human beings have a different perception of the world around them, leading to a varied desire for how the world should be shaped. Transition? In the following paper, I will argue that the speech given by President Barack Obama at the United Nations on September 20, 2016 can be analyzed from a Realist and a Confucian perspective regarding the issues of peace and power. Despite the progress achieved in society today, the world still remains full of “uncertainty and unease and strife,” with…

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