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  • The Role Of Old Money In The Great Gatsby

    The difference between old money and new money has nothing to do with currency. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, Published in 1925 manifests the corrupted idealism of the elite caste. This fictional story portrays the life of Jay Gatsby, a self-made man residing in the lucrative, newly wealthy West Egg section of town. Furthermore, Gatsby is stubbornly committed to climbing the social and economic latter and to winning back his beloved previous lover Daisy. Daisy now married to Tom…

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Advertisement Analysis

    Anthony, J, and I chose two still ads from the same cologne line, over a decade apart. The line is “Le Male” by Jean Paul Gaultier, and the two ads that we chose are pictured below. Our task was to analyze the “gayness” of the advertisement, and therefore to also analyze what wasn’t gay about it. To do this, we collectively did research about the history of the content of the ads, the brand and the creator of it, and the models used. Lastly, we analyzed the aesthetics of the ad to pull it all…

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  • Does Fast Food Cause Obesity In America?

    America, one of the greatest countries, built on the foundation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One of the most power countries, however America does have a chink in its armor. While we are superior in things such as our military, there’s one thing that happens to make us stand out the most of all other countries. America has the highest rate of obese/overweight people. Some may say this happened when the poison known as “Fast Food” came into the picture. In recent discussions of…

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  • Chang Rae Lee Language Analysis

    In this intriguing novel, speech and language give the impression of being the more significant issues. Language is crucial, it is constantly illustrated throughout the novel. The rest of the world has made up their mind about what it truly means to be a native speaker. However, Chang Rae Lee has other ideas. With that said; being a native speaker doesn’t just mean the language you speak, but rather who you are as a person. Henry, the narrator, grew up speaking fluent English; he also spoke…

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  • Comparing Two Advertisements Analysis

    Q: Compare two advertisements of a product and then compare the type of cultural differences taken into account, focus the country of the advertisement , its color, theme and background? OUR PRODUCT: McDonalds. HISTORY: Mcdonalds fast food chain was started in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, which is now a product that is served in more than 115 countries, feeding thousands of people everyday. It is ranked as the 6th largest food chain in world. The key to McDonalds success is…

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  • French Revolution Dbq

    peace in France, his rule strayed from the constitutional monarchy the revolution demanded for. For this reason, many have argued on whether or not the French Revolution truly succeeded in achieving its goals; however, evidence suggests it was much more unsuccessful than it was successful. The French…

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  • The Influence Of The English Language In The State Of Wales

    The topic of this article is about change and dominance. The author of this article Tom Law, mentions that the English language is very dominant especially in the state of Wales. People from Wales do not speak their native language anymore, because the English language has been taken over. In 2011 only 20 % of the population of Wales could speak Welsh, which is a low number and much lower, then it used to be. Back in 1840’s 80 % of the population spoke Welsh as their native language and they…

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  • Employment Opportunities In The Workplace

    Every new year comes with excitement for what the next 365 days has in store, for me in January 2015 I found myself browsing open medical jobs in my area which led me to Thompson Health’s employment opportunities page. The more I read, the more I became intrigued. Deep down inside my subconscious I could hear myself saying “just do it!”, so I did I sent in my job application, and resume. Little did I know that the simple click of a submit button would lead me in such a life-changing adventure.…

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  • The Third Estate French Revolution

    Leaders of the French Revolution who represented the Third Estate, which made up the vast majority of the French population, were motivated by the lack of representation of the lower classes and the growing inequalities between the nobles and the peasants. Additionally, the reexamination of traditionally accepted beliefs in the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment due to increased rational thinking and applied philosophy fueled a reconsideration of France’s irresponsible and ineffective…

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  • Nationhood In Canada

    initial English-French conflict between first settlers, to the debates leading up to confederation in 1867, to the present. These struggles between English and French Canadians to have their distinct identities recognized as part of the fabric of the country remains a constant in the narrative of Canadian history and politics from 1864 onwards. As the country grew and changed throughout the 20th century, the founding “two nations” principle that divides the country as either French or English,…

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