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  • American Language Diversity

    As we have all witnessed first-hand in America as well as other countries, there are many different variations of the languages we speak. Different dialects, pronunciation, forms, and accents all make up the subtle differences of languages spoken around the world. Because America is a “melting pot” for so many different cultures, it can be easy to walk down the street and hear a version of English not native to you. As you travel around the county and the world, you will observe that the…

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  • Storming Of The Bastille Essay

    this fascination is the desire of the sans-culottes to become an orderly civilian army, but they took their role too far as they arrested those who posed even the slimmest of threats to the republic. The result of this was the radicalization of the French population, which benefits no one. Criticism is necessary to improve, but none was given because it would result in…

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  • Judas Iscariot: True Heroes Or Villains Of The French Revolution?

    Nearly 10,000 French army officers and aristocrats had moved to the Austrian-controlled Netherlands, forming armies and allying themselves with France’s foreign enemies Despite an early lead, The Reign of Terror allowed the French to fight back and win in the Battle of Valmy. (Doc B). The French punished the émigrés harshly after this victory, but their punishment was neither overly cruel or out of the…

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  • Bismarck Dbq

    Traditional conservatism dominated Europe in the early 1800s, concentrating power in a small ruling class dedicated to keeping things the way they were. However, a restless working class threatened existing power structures with large revolts during the 1830s and 1840s. Otto van Bismarck was able to harness this turmoil, turning ultramontane and liberal forces against each other to maintain the status quo in a new form of conservatism. Bismarck’s early legislation pitted liberals against the…

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  • Why Is Dandy Donuts Successful

    Dandy Donuts What better way to attract college kids than to have cheap prices, good food, and late hours? Well, Dandy Donuts does just that. Dandy Donuts is a small donut shop located in a small town in Oklahoma known as Durant. The location of the shop is right next to Southeastern Oklahoma State University which is a small D2 school. In Durant, not many stores stay open passed 12. The only food places that actually stay open late are Whataburger and Dandy Donuts. With Dandy’s hours which…

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  • Hobbes And John Locke

    1.) Liberalism became a distinct political theory during the Age of Enlightenment (1685-1815). By its main contributor John Locke who is known as the "father of classic Liberalism". Some of Locke's works and ideas the framers take into account when writing the Constitution. Another main contributor to the ideal of Liberalism would be Thomas Hobbes. Both Hobbes and Locke have both simpler and different ideas about the role of government. Like how much government should be in our lives and if we…

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  • The Great Gatsby Personal Response

    When reading a book an individual should be on cloud nine in a world that they can equally relate to however also gain knowledge from. In the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald it goes back to the early twentieth century, where Nick Carraway moves to New York to start a new life and business. His next door neighbor is the mysterious Jay Gatsby, who once had a love affair with Daisy Buchanan, which is Nick's cousin. In the novel, Nick knows all the hidden secrets and love affairs but does not…

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  • The Importance Of Urban Spaces In Charles Dickens Bleak House

    Charles Dickens’ Bleak House is considered to be “one of the most urban texts of the most urban novelists” (Griffith 248). Bleak House uses a variety of urban spaces to progress the plot and build relationships between characters who would otherwise have no reason to interact. The novel first establishes the reader in the panoramic view of London. In the early Victorian era, London was expanding and becoming more industrial. London was a mixture of slums and palaces, law courts and graveyards,…

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  • How Did Ray Kroc Change America

    Ray Kroc and Fast-Food Franchising Ray Kroc was a multi milkshake mixer salesman who then became an american businessman. McDonald’s was one of the first restaurant to be considered a fast-food franchise. Franchising is all about business. Life before fast-food made preparation of food a low process. Kroc wanted his idea of franchising fast-food to go global. Ray Kroc had an impact on America by creating the global franchise in the fast food industry. Kroc was a multi milkshake mixer salesman…

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  • La Fille Mal Garde Analysis

    18th century works La Fille Mal Gardée by French choreographer Jean Dauberval, and La Sylphide by Danish choreographer August Bournonville, comparing their defining features and discussing ways they reflected the changing social climate of their time and place (18th & 19th century France). The French revolution was not only a defining point in history but also an influential factor for ballets of the time. During the Romantic era La Fille Mal Gardée by French choreographer Jean Dauberval, and…

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