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  • Genealogy Of Citizenship

    By Faith Fatisal Andong 4354552 Citizenship can be said to be a form of identity. The French revolutionaries labeled it as a means of equality. Every continent, country or nation has viewed citizenship in a different dimension, looking at citizenship from different angles. Citizenship is a technical process in terms of rights. It was born in a way of excluding others from a particular society or association and this makes it problematic because it became a struggle of association. Ethnicities…

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  • The Mamluks In Ancient Egypt

    Syria was not as burdensome to the Ottomans as the Egyptians, as the Turks respected the language of the Koran and thus the Syrians accepted them. Damascus became the major entrepot for Mecca, and thus it acquired a holy character to Muslims, because of the blessings of the countless pilgrims who passed through it on the way to Mecca. The Ottoman…

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  • Analysis Of The Great Debate By Yural Levin

    important the French Revolution was in the history of the world. Sitting in my 11th grade history class, my instructor always made it her point to tell her pupils how cataclysmic the year 1789 really was. I was ignorant and a little innocent at the time, not thinking much of the 70 year old professor who I thought had a freaky fascination with the French Revolution. However, I now thank her for forever engraining the “cataclysmic” year of 1789 forever in my intellect. The French Revolution…

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  • Death Of Marat Essay

    During the French Revolution, many significant events took place. The beheadings of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, along with thousands of their aristocratic followers in 1792, was a pretty significant one because it meant the end of the terrible monarchy that was ruling over France. However, the change in the arts that the Revolution brought was probably the most important of all. From 1789-late 1790s, the people had enough of their country being bankrupt, and desperately…

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  • The Importance Of English On English

    to be the “default” language – almost everyone knows it. In fact, according to linguist David Crystal, there are more non-native speakers of English than native. Has English become a “global language”? And if so, why is that? What parts of history congealed together so tightly that English, a confusing mish-mash of roots, grammar, and culture, came to be the one global, essential tongue? Finally, what does this mean for the future of both English and the many other languages spoken throughout…

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  • Public Opinions: The French Revolution

    Without the spread of public opinions through France in the late eighteenth century, it is likely the French revolution would not have occurred. The spread of ideas along with other factors such as class wars, financial and political crisis; France was able to usher in a new age that benefitted most rather than a select few. This essay will explore the influence public opinions had on the causation of the revolution while briefly looking at the other contributory factors. Before the revolution,…

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  • Nationalism In The 19th Century

    a strong force that is the cause of many things, including literacy, education, and more. Nationalism is the strong belief that the people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute as an independent nation free of foreign domination. Post the Napoleonic period in France; sectionalist arose because of the French Revolution. The revolution made people aware of culture and ideological movements which divided France. “Nationalists stressed the primary identification of…

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  • Hannah More's Village Politics By Hannah More

    In the work Village Politics by Hannah More, who writes this piece as a guy named Will Chip the issue of the working class men getting ideas and rising to create equality of men in England during the time period of the French Revolution is addressed. Hannah More’s stance of this issue is that she is trying to convince the working class that it is not a good idea to rise up and this stance that she is writing for is trying to limit the claiming of rights for the working class men. One way she…

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  • Inequality Of Women In Voltaire's Candide

    intelligence, and humour made him one of the greatest French Writer and Philosopher. He produced literary work in almost every genre like poetry, play, essays, novels, scientific and historic works in over 21,000 letters and over thousands of books and pamphlets. He spoke freely and boldly for liberties of trade, gender, and religion. He satirically attacked the French and Catholic doctrines of his day in his writings. Hence, got in trouble with French authorities and which resulted in several…

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  • Impact Of Modernity In East Asia

    “page” from Medieval time or Feudalism, in the other word – the period was considered as “dark” of European history to Enlightenment age when human reasons enmancipated people from the mould of religion, “modernity” apperance was its product after French Revolution in eighteenth century (Knowles 2008). At that time, idea of “Imperialism” lead European powers: France, Britain, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain expand their “modernity” to other parts of the World and Asia in general, East Asia in…

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