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  • Strategies To Improve Oral Communication Skills In Nursing Students

    Dudas (2011) found that college students with ESL or English as an Additional Language (EAL) are entering the nursing profession, but very little attention to deficiency in the English language is addressed (p. 14). Dudas (2011) identifies learning techniques to help EAL nursing students process information including using technology such as DVDs for individual instruction, vocabulary…

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  • The Fortunate Traveler Analysis

    know what they were talking about. Later, he studied in the United States as a graduate student, and eventually became an English Professor in the University of Jaffna. Growing up in a bilingual Tamil-English Family, he stated, “English was a language of secrecy,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My English Class

    Ever since I was little I was fascinated with the English language. Being born in Honduras and speaking a very different language, made this new language seem incredible. I remember going to this big class with over 28 children and feeling excited about learning a new word everyday such as “green”, and being able to write my very first sentences in English…

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  • Observation To Diversity In The Classroom

    To begin with, in this journal I will be be discussing my observations referring to diversity made at Indian Mounds Elementary while volunteering. First of all, I am in a preschool class of fourteen students. The teacher, is well organized and always has a set schedule. He also does a great job promoting diversity as well as helping the children learn. My main focus in this observation was the eight aspects of diversity. The first one is Cultural which according to the textbook is social values,…

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  • Bilingual Education Vs English Immersion

    and English Immersion. Bilingual Education is where students are taught both in their native language and English. English immersion is a monolingual communicative approach, where only English is used in a classroom. The fight for Bilingual programs began during the civil rights movement when Latin…

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  • American Revolution Enlightenment

    During the years between 1770s and 1820s, a series of revolutions occurred in the west of hemisphere, which includes American, French, Haitian, and Spanish American revolutions. All of these revolutions correspond to the same series which is known as the Atlantic revolutions. Enlightenment ideas was the most incentive theme to the revolutions, as all of them were inspired by the ideas like equality, free trade, and religious tolerance and became conscious of the current situation that was filled…

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  • The Mamluks In Ancient Egypt

    Syria was not as burdensome to the Ottomans as the Egyptians, as the Turks respected the language of the Koran and thus the Syrians accepted them. Damascus became the major entrepot for Mecca, and thus it acquired a holy character to Muslims, because of the blessings of the countless pilgrims who passed through it on the way to Mecca. The Ottoman…

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  • Analysis Of The Great Debate By Yural Levin

    important the French Revolution was in the history of the world. Sitting in my 11th grade history class, my instructor always made it her point to tell her pupils how cataclysmic the year 1789 really was. I was ignorant and a little innocent at the time, not thinking much of the 70 year old professor who I thought had a freaky fascination with the French Revolution. However, I now thank her for forever engraining the “cataclysmic” year of 1789 forever in my intellect. The French Revolution…

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  • Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson Analysis

    renaissance man. He was fluent in five different spoken languages and able to read and write two other languages. After the ratification of the constitution, George Washington, the first president of the United States of America appointed Thomas Jefferson as his first secretary of state. Jefferson willingly acknowledged his responsibility as the first secretary of state of the United States of America and moved to the capital in 1790. The French Revolution had quickly occupied Europe’s…

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  • Death Of Marat Essay

    During the French Revolution, many significant events took place. The beheadings of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, along with thousands of their aristocratic followers in 1792, was a pretty significant one because it meant the end of the terrible monarchy that was ruling over France. However, the change in the arts that the Revolution brought was probably the most important of all. From 1789-late 1790s, the people had enough of their country being bankrupt, and desperately…

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