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  • The Role Of Cold War Politics In The Truman Years

    Tolulope Adedokun Chapter 26 Cold war politics in the Truman years 1. Why did relations between the United States and the Soviet Union deteriorate after World War II? The end of World War II brought the United States and the Soviet Union into conflict over the future of postwar Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Germany. At the end of the war, the Red Army occupied the majority of Eastern Europe, while American and British forces held Western Europe. Stalin and the Soviets viewed…

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  • Labor Unions In Hospitals

    Labor Unions in Hospitals Neftali (Lee) Perez Webster University ABSTRACT The main goal of hospitals is to maintain a healthy, professional and dependable workforce while providing an affordable and high quality care to all their patients. Labor Unions contend that in order workforce with criteria mentioned, a safe work environment, job security (higher incomes) and affordable healthcare (Reynolds & Brady, 2012) are needed. They contend those are reasons to have a bargaining unit to represent…

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  • How Did Stalin Become An All-Powerful Leader

    amongst peasants. Lenin was praised by the people of Russia for being a man that focused on the common good of all and had the best interests of the working class at heart. After his death, Joseph Stalin inherited the title as the leader of the Soviet Union. Though he was expected to carry out Lenin’s efforts and help keep Russia a communist nation, he instead ruled as a ruthless dictator,…

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  • The Eurozone: The Greek Debt Crisis

    When something so dramatic as a crisis happens, it is a common practice to look for a party to blame. With the implosion of Greek economy and the start of the European sovereign debt crisis in 2009, people looked for a place to point accusations. The question of whose fault exactly was the Greek debt crisis is a complicated matter, one that brings to light the problematic power dynamics employed in the eurozone. From 2009 until now the crisis has evolved, exacerbated by the capitalistic control…

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  • Political Conflict In The 20th Century

    although, the Cold War did last from 1947 to 1991 which were really a whole bunch of “proxy wars” such as Korea, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, political wrangling and an arms race for the development of very massive nuclear weapons and arsenals. The Soviet Union eventually fell off or collapsed in 1991, unable to keep up due to exhaustion of political and financial problems for decades of conflict in the…

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  • The Eurozone: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

    Introduction European sovereign debt crisis triggered by the financial crisis of America swept across whole European countries. Why the Eurozone is too weak to resist the crisis? Are there any problems of the Eurozone? The sovereign debt crisis has spilled over to the banks, which increases the credit risk exposure of the banks. It is necessary for us to understand how the crisis impacts banks’ exposure and what are the reactions of the banks with respect to their capital provision. Finally,…

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  • Small Power In International Politics

    Luxembourg has the highest gross domestic product amongst all of the countries a part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. This small country has also shown the ability to set aside its own interests in the European Union for the interests most common amongst the group and to spend more than “0.7 GNI on development cooperation.” If size and power were strictly based off of these characteristics, Luxembourg, along with many other small nations who fall under these…

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  • National Labor Relations Board Analysis

    As noted by Harrison (2011) this board interprets the NLRA, adjudicates disputes between employers and employees, and regulates and runs union-representation elections. (p. 2274) The NLRB is made up of five members whom serve a five-year terms. (Carrell & Heavrin 2013, p. 32) As noted by Carrell & Heavrin (2013), these members are appointed by the President of the United States of America…

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  • How Did Stalin Develop To Power

    The most dominant factor in Stalin’s acquisition of power was his political skills. Stalin's first major success over the other contenders, though they did not realize it, was the power he gained from his position as General Secretary of the party. This gave Stalin the ability to appoint new members as well as have access to information on other party members. He was able to build up a base of support by promoting his supporters into higher party positions. No one else in the party wanted this…

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  • Gullah People In African Diaspora

    The Gullah People in Relation to the African Diaspora In the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, the infamous middle passage occurred. During this horrific voyage, slaves of the African descent suffered and many died in result of the conditions of the voyage. Among the people who were on voyage, were the ancestors of the Gullah people. The Gullah people were able to sustain the culture and traditions of their homeland. Their overall connection to the African diaspora, their continuity, and…

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