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  • Relationships And Independence In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    relationships because of the substantial difference between the two conflicting factors. Relationships are the special, mutual bonds formed between two or more people. On the other hand, independence is the individual's will to act upon their own decisions, free from any form of outside control. If one has meaningful and intimate relationships it shows that the individual is not completely independent; it proves that at any point in time they are able to rely and depend on someone else because…

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  • Sartre Absolute Freedom Analysis

    why he believes that free will exists. Sartre goes on to explain that just because we are free doesn’t mean we get away with doing anything. In fact, he claims that we are responsible for every choice we make. Because of this Sartre claimed that we are “Condemned to be free.” Sartre's views may be viewed as liberating and logical, but our knowledge of the world firmly supports that we may not be as free as he artistically expressed. Sartre believed that all men are free. He held that we do…

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  • Swinburne's Existence: The Logical Problem Of Evil

    you face this extremely bad suffering; such as cancer than the other sufferings you face throughout life will seem good rather than the evil you experienced previously. Swinburne seeks to take the weight off of God’s shoulders by saying we have the free will to experience evil in most cases such as moral evil cases. Supposedly you can only torture a person for so long, until they won’t be tortured anymore after spending that time experiencing it. We can think about the Holocaust when this idea…

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  • Free Will Libertarianism Analysis

    The Problem of Free Will: Libertarianism The problem of free will discusses whether or not there is free will and moral responsibility in one’s actions. Causal determinism, the idea that physical events and actions have physical causes, plays a main role in this debate because it determines whether a person has control over their actions (G. Tiller, personal communication, October 2015). In hard determinism, there is only causal determinism so, a person has no control over the choices they make…

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  • Power In Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

    Power in “The Road Not Taken” Robert Frosts “The Road Not Taken” is a poem about the options we are given and the choices we make in life. The way the poem reads make you feel as if you are walking in the woods with the poet and facing the same choices he is. The poem tells you about what the paths look like and what choice will be made. It also takes you into the future in which the man making the decision looks back and wonders if perhaps he should have chosen differently “ I shall be telling…

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  • Reality Check: The Allegory Of The Cave

    they exist outside the Matrix (Young, 2013). They do not know themselves well because they have been under the influence of the Matrix for so long, but they are fighting for the right to be free from illusion. Their sense of self seems to be connected to all of the other freed humans and their fight to remain free from the Matrix. There does not seem to be any distinct religion or ethnicity except for the religion of humanity. Men and women eat together, pray together, and live together like…

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  • The Distraction: Thoreau's Way Of Life

    less relevant to the people. It has been pushed to the back of their minds and forgotten about. What do fill their minds are the technological advances of society. Berry sees this in himself; he sees how his life is being taken over by the society. To free his mind he went off into the woods where he took the time to escape his normal everyday life. He valued his time in solitude and it changed his mind set after the couple days he was there. He came to realize that people’s minds have become…

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  • If We Have Free Will Essay

    If we live in a world where free will existed we would always be morally responsible for our actions because we always have options to do otherwise, this is known as the principle of alternate possibilities. For now let us assume that we live in a determinist world where our life events are predetermined would we be responsible for our actions even though we have no control over them? It is very hard to imagine how someone could possibly be responsible for actions they had no control over but…

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  • Free Will In Theology

    Free Will in Theology In the Christian faith, it is taught at a young age that God gave man free will in order to make one’s own decisions, however time and time again, both throughout history and the Bible, as well as other religious texts, that man abuses the power to make their own decisions and falls away from their gods in order to do what is superficially beneficial to themselves. From Eve being influenced by Lucifer and eating the apple of her own free will, to more modern examples of…

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  • John Hick's Problem Of Evil

    John Hick bases the argument concerning the problem of the evil by questioning the existence of an omnipresent and omnipotent God. Though he presents a positive objection to God, he argues that if God is all loving and the most powerful then he could not create evil on earth. With the ability and powers to eliminate evil on earth, evil still exists though God plans and intends no evil, therefore, there exist likeliness that Hick doubts Gods powers over creations or even Gods existence at all.…

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