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  • Pros And Cons Of Lovemarking

    their attention of affecting our implicit processing while Wegner (2003) points out in his discourse on experiencing consciousness that it is possible that all decision making occurs unconsciously. Based on this information, choosing a brand is not a free decision, and in fact, it is a result of that brand being a lovemark. This conclusion might…

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  • The Importance Of Free Will

    answer an important question: do we have free will? Though the answer may seem as simple as “of course we do, I can make my own decisions independent of what you are doing.” Significant philosophers like Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Descartes, and Lock have tried to tackle the issue of free will (Ekstrom 1). Today, there are three major types of arguments for free will: the hard determinist, indeterminist, and compatibilist. Knowing the veracity of free will is something we both want and do…

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  • Dawkins And Hawking: A Comparative Analysis

    nothing but a collection of organized chemicals that run physical brains in a deterministic machine-like way” (The Grand Design, 31; The Selfish Gene, 19). Both statements come from two of the greatest minds in science and entirely reject the idea of free will. Dawkins and Hawking, along with many other modern day scientists, assume humans do not make choices on their own capacity but rather choices that are predetermined by many different circumstances (Nichols). Most people tend to disagree…

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  • Examples Of Indeterminism

    have all been raised to believe that we are free to make our own choices and create our own lives. We have all been told that we can do anything we want, and achieve anything at our own free will. But can we really? Are we all actually free? There are many views of what freedom is and how we achieve freedom, and I am going to argue that Ayer’s views of being free and not free are in fact correct. When talking about the philosophy of freedom and free will there are two ways the world can be.…

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  • The Debate Over Free Will Analysis

    Response Paper “The Debate Over Free Will” In chapter nine of the book Problems from Philosophy by James and Stuart Rachels, the authors discuss the debate over free will. The idea of humans having free will is the main argument in this chapter. The authors noted that the more we learn about the human behavior, the less likely it seems that we are free. Though different groups have the same meaning for free will, the goal of this chapter is to determine if we have free will or not. The…

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  • Moral Responsibility And Determinism

    The topic of moral responsibility is a popular debate among philosophers. Moral responsibility and free will are tightly intertwined, making the argument slightly more complicated. Free will is defined in two ways: 1. open choice, which states you choose x freely only if you could have done otherwise, or 2. voluntary choice, which states you act freely if and only if you act voluntarily, without coercion or constraint. Determinism is defined: past events and the laws of nature fully determine…

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  • Similarities Between Nihilism And Existentialism

    Existentialism, by definition, is a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of free will. Simply stated, existentialism has a special regard to an individualist approach and the sense of free will. This is very different from nihilism which is defined as the rejection of all religious beliefs and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless. There are…

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  • Analysis Of Free Community College Is A Bad Idea By Carol Roth

    article “Free Community College Isn’t Free...and it’s a Bad Idea” is that saying that college will be free when it really won’t, and it will cause more problems and evidently not solve any current problems. She states that nothing is really ever free because there has to be someone paying for the programs that the schools are offering. In addition, Roth claims that the taxpayers will end up paying it off at large; as well as the supply and…

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  • John Locke And Mills's Three Main Rules Of Life

    was probably never going to occur, and that the people in society should have free choice. Which is why they both believe that in order for a society to function, society should be structured in such a way that is unique and differently, that way the society can be just and good. Life, liberty and property- the three main rules of life according to John Locke, the main one, being liberty. Liberty is the state of…

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  • Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

    It is mine and every American citizen’s right to speak freely without repercussions to limit our ability to express ourselves. Limiting our rights to free speech would require amending the First Amendment, and if government cannot do so, then they cannot look for ways to punish people because of what they say. Is it okay for me to punch a man in his face for calling me stupid? Then why is it okay to…

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