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  • Kane And Self-Forming Actions Analysis

    Discussing Kane and Self Forming Actions This essay looks to discuss Kane’s self-forming actions, or SFAs, and looks to see if they are successful in defending a libertarian conception of free will. First essay will explain what SFAs are. Next, the essay challenges the validity of SFAs on the grounds that Kane`s account of freedom lacks a proper external story. It finds this to be true, and concludes that SFAs cannot then save libertarianism as they are not valid. According to Kane most…

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  • Essay On Loss Of Freedom

    freedom that comes from making decisions is paired with statements such as “young people prefer to be dreamers rather than doers,” or “growing up is giving up,” (Pickhardt, 2013). The main ideas that are stated in the article include: Choices are not free of consequences, choices decide the rest of someone’s life, and choices do not necessarily mean someone will be completely satisfied because choices are a gamble. The only problem with these main ideas is that there is not any research (listed…

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  • Contradiction In Spinoza's

    Is action free or determined, Spinoza argues that it is determined but there is a freedom of will in the doctrine of the conatus. This view rests on three metaphysical positions that Spinoza advocates for, namely immanent necessitarianism, reductive naturalism and monism. All that exists and has is and will happen is immanent and inevitably going to happen. This he argues is because nature is constructed by a free uncaused cause (that which has no external constraint). This uncaused cause…

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  • Snowpiercer Film Analysis

    Snowpiercer: Determinism and the Self-Serving Hero The frozen wasteland that once was earth is the reality of the world of Snowpiercer. The chemical known as CW7, claimed to be a solution to global warming and created/manufactured by humans, was what brought the frozen wasteland to fruition in the year 2014. That it was humanity that brought on the ice age on as an effort to reduce earth temperatures introduces the prevailing idea of determinism in the film: humans were so determined to ‘save’…

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  • What Remains By Tracy Kidder: An Analysis

    What is a God? Is He a higher being someone made up to feel better when people did something bad? Or the “person” that is up in the sky waiting for us to join Him after we die? Or a real, loving, caring higher power whose always has your back? A Christian God is a God who holds all morals and who does not want to see His people hurting, but wanting them to succeed and have a great life. In The Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder, and my life there are instances in life where God’s presence…

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  • Choice Vs Free Will Essay

    Humans have free will in the sense that they ultimately have choice, however, external and internal forces direct them to make certain choices. To have free will, one must be able to say “I could have chosen otherwise” after making a choice. Even if the alternate choices are unwise or undesirable, if one still has choice without direct external constraints, they have free will. This is a compatibilist response to the free will question. A choice is an fork in the road where one can complete…

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  • Milton Free Will Analysis

    In Book 3 (lines 95-111), the question of “free will” is brought up. Milton’s discussion of free will raises the question of whether free will is something that an individual can choose or reject, or if in fact there is no choice of free will at all. It is possible that God is simply tangling the idea that free will even exists to men as a way for them to believe they have a choice over their own faiths, when it is possible that in actuality they do not. The question is why would God create…

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  • Free Will: Determinism, Compatibilism

    Free Will is a topic that various philosophers and people in general discuss at great lengths about its nature. This is due to the fact that the problem of free will applies to every person on the planet and directly influences peoples’ thoughts/reasoning depending on their sense of free will. With such prevalence within the thoughts of humanity, four views of free will have become widely known throughout the world of everyday people and philosophers alike. These four views being that of…

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  • The Significance Of Free Will Vs. Determinism

    Free will has always been something that I thought was obvious to be true. However, after learning different perspectives and theories about the matter, I am not so confident in my conclusion. Free will versus determinism has been debated by philosophers for millennia. These major ideas of discussion have a variety of different interpretations. Whether we are deciding between major, life changing paths, or simply, opting to wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt on a given day; the selections we…

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  • John Hick Problem Of Evil Essay

    capacity for freewill. If he had not done so, a person would no longer carry his or her identity as a person. In response to the argument of God creating a free person who would always make the right decision, Hick argues that the contradiction in itself does not make sense despite the apparent logic. In order for something to be free it must be free of any causation by an outside source. There cannot be any choice out of reach or not allowed. There cannot be a guarantee that anything will…

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