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  • Difference Between Soft Determinism And Libertarianism

    The philosophical question of free will has been debated for years and has spawned many theories, papers and never ending arguments. Soft determinism along side with hard determinism and libertarianism make up the three theories of free will.By focusing on the works of Stace and Cahn, I aim to prove that the idea of soft determinism is not an inherently flawed argument and that free will and determinism are compatible. In the argument of free will, soft determinism falls in the middle between…

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  • Problems Of Philosophy, Chapter 9: The Debate Over Free Will

    In the “Problems of Philosophy”, Chapter 9: “The Debate Over Free Will”, James Rachels and Stuart Rachels, investigate over freewill. Throughout the chapter the authors discuss what free will means and the ways to evaluate if we are free. The chapter moves towards the Free Will Argument using the Determinist Argument, the Libertarian Response, the Compatibilist Response and additionally covering the ethics involved with the chapter of free will. The chapter begins with the determinist argument…

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  • Free-Will Vs Determinism

    When discussing the humane contrast between Free Will and Determinism, Free Will is the side I support. My argument is the concept that all natural occurrences can’t always be explained, but they “just happen”. Even though scientific facts contradict Free Will, a balance of the two beliefs is very possible and is controversial in modern conversation. All human beings contain Free Will in any scenario or situation they encounter; Although this is different for each individual and their beliefs.…

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  • My Personal Philosophy

    I have completely modified my beliefs in regards to how free I actually am. Growing up I was always taught how we all have free choices and how we must choose wisely. (I still agree with the choosing wisely part). But more importantly I now see how many of the choices that I made were not really free at all. You see, when one throws internal and external constraints into the equation it was clear that something I was not conscious…

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  • Summary Of The Problem Of Pain By C. S. Lewis

    A common way of arguing against the existence or goodness of God is to present the problem of pain: “If God were good, He would wish to make His creatures perfectly happy, and if God were almighty He would be able to do what He wished. But the creatures are not happy. Therefore God lacks either goodness, or power, or both” (The Problem of Pain 23). C.S. Lewis attempts to answer the intellectual question by first explaining the four components of religious development, then explaining the origin…

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  • Introvert Or Introverted Extroverts?

    Extrovert, Introvert, or Extroverted Introvert “You think you’ve got it figured out, huh? You have no idea what life has in store for you.” Will you accept a random message request from a stranger? Most probably not right? But it happened, because if not then you won’t be reading this. Gillian Mamaclay of 4 BS Legal Management here in Ateneo surprised me by accepting my request. This person is also the current president of the Ateneo Student Exchange Council. After accepting my message and…

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  • Stace's Compatibilist Argument Analysis

    only viable position in the debate concerning free will and determinism. In doing so, I will present, explain, and critically evaluate compatibilism. I will then consider, but ultimately refute, the following two objections against compatibilism: the hard determinists’ argument that we have no free will due to causal determinism and the libertarians’ argument that we are not causally determined. Compatibilism is the theory that causal determinism and free will are both true. Causal determinism…

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  • Essay On Evil And Moral Evil

    From the class I’ve learned that there are two kinds of evil, natural evil and moral evil. Natural evils are natural circumstances such as tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. Moral evil results from human actions such as murder, theft and rape. The question that is risen if God is all good, then why does evil and suffering exist in the world? Just within the last few months, on the news there have been reports of tragic school shootings and natural disasters, and if God is all good why does…

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  • Troilus And Criseyde

    "allas, But, god woot, it is naught the rather so. fful hard were it to helpen in this cas, ffor wel fynde I that fortune is my fo; Ne al the men that riden konne or go May of hire cruel whiel the harm withstonde; ffor as hire list she pleyeth with free and bonde." (Chaucer 136) In many stances, Troilus himself is guilty of taking no action and maintaining a rather passive position as a manner of facing the developing situation. Many would criticize not only his initial indecision when coming…

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  • Difference Between Claims And Liberties

    liberties as positive rights and negative rights respectively (2). Negative rights or Liberties are the individual’s inherent rights to freedom. The sole obligation for others is not to interfere in a person’s decision when it is made by free will. A person’s right to free life, moral truth, privacy, right to stay silent during any legal interrogation, a right to vote freely and marry without being pressurized, a right to fair trial and freedom from unwarranted searches. Essentially, “Life,…

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