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  • Synthesis Of Phthalocyanines

    INTRODUCTION Background The macrocyclic organic molecules Phthalocyanines (1) which are comparable to the naturally occurring porphyrin (2) ring systems shown in (Figure 1). The porphyrin molecule consists up of four pyrrole subunits which are associated in n-conjugation by methine carbons. 1 2 Figure 1: structures of phthalocyanine and porphyrins molcule The compound…

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  • What Is The Moderating Roles Of Hostile Aggression And Gender?

    engage in delinquent behavior. This result was said to be due to how the mothers themselves were raised, without stress and with the ability to form emotional bonds with their own children through learned traits. It was proven in Coster’s study that the most imperative aspect of mothering, regardless of employment, was the emotional bonds that were formed which protected adolescents from associating with delinquent peers and ensuing deviant…

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  • Water Solubility Experiment

    Cassamajor, Kimberly P1 R1 S4 Science Fair Research Paper Honors Chemistry Group Number 8 Research Paper The science fair topic at hand is whether or not chemical compounds affect water 's heat resistance/reception. In other words, how does the temperature of water (H2O) change when chemical compounds - such as sodium chloride and sucrose - are added? In this experiment, the independent variable is the chemical compound being tested while the dependent variable is the temperature of the…

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  • Metabolic Arrangement Essay

    For the volume to increase, the ‘cages’ of molecules has to be ‘inflated’, thereby making it bigger and occupy more space. To make the ‘cage’ bigger, the bond angle has to change and as such, FeO4 and PO4 tetrahedral will change as well. This changing of bond angle causes a tetrahedral distortion. Tetrahedral tilting also contributes to the tetrahedral distortion, where the tilt angle will decrease with temperature, causing the tetrahedral to become distorted…

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  • Peds Should Be Allowed In Professional Sports

    PEDs has always been in the mix when it comes to professional sports. Many athletes go to extreme levels to maximize their performance. The fans go to a sporting event to see an amazing home run, an incredible football tackle or the fastest sprinter in the world. One of the main reasons why PEDs are prohibited in professional sports is due to the fact that it's going to create an unfair advantage over the opponent. In my opinion, I think most athletes will use PEDs if they can get away with it.…

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  • Drugs In Sports Research Paper

    Baseball is known as one of the most incredible and engaging sports in the nation. Several players all over the country, and even around the world, represent baseball by playing on high school teams, travel teams, and minor league teams as well, in order to reach the highest level of baseball, Major League Baseball, also known as the MLB. To this day, baseball is still one of the most dominant sports in America. However, baseballs reputation and character have slightly diminished because of…

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  • The Steroid Era In Professional Sports

    With this happening players, coaches and trainers, personal lives are affected. Barry Bonds trainer Greg Anderson “has been banned from coaching his son, Cole's, Burlingame, Calif. 11-12-year-old youth baseball team”(Thompson). This shows that this is such a huge issue that people involved can’t even help out their kids little league team…

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  • Red Dye 2 Lab Report

    Red Dye 1 Red dye 1 is most likely a polar covalent molecule since we have found that it dissolves into water but does not break apart into ions. Just because it dissolves in water does not make it solely polar covalent, but since it has a relatively low conductivity, 534 mS/cm in the 0-20000 range, then it most likely is polar covalent. This is further confirmed with the fact that it does not react with NaOH, NaCl, or AgNO3, all ionic substances. The red dye does not react with NaOH since…

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  • Argumentative Analysis Of Moneyball

    After watching Moneyball and reading the articles, I think that statistical analysis hinders the fun of sports. I feel that sports are not always about the statistics; I feel it is about the players. Because you could be the worst batter but then be the best fielder on your team. I feel numbers are just numbers they change all the time so I personally don’t think you can see how good an athlete is by statistics. Just like one of the guys said at the end of the movie that hit home and took the…

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  • How Did Willie Mays Accomplish The American Dream

    When people get to a certain point in life, Americans have the idea that every US citizen’s should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. Although living in a very discriminated time, Willie Mays did accomplish the American Dream by achieving his desired aims and having determination to fulfill his everyday fantasies. His father, Cat Mays, was a talented baseball player with the Negro team for the local iron plant. His…

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