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  • Charlemagne: Father Of Europe

    INTRODUCTION Many historians argue Charlemagne was the greatest uniting force of Europe since the Roman Empire under the “Five Good Emperors” (Machiavelli Ch. 10)1. My primary intent of this essay is to examine the rule of Charlemagne and why he is often acknowledged as the “Father of Europe”. With this goal in mind, I have studied the works of Rosamond McKitterick, Roger Collins, Alessandro Barbero, and Heinrich Fichtenau. Through these authors and historians I have gained insight into…

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  • Dionysian Celestial Hierarchy Analysis

    For Eriugena, the physical world is not without access to or communication with the other world; there is a bridge between the two, and it is constituted by the symbolum or figura. The symbol has great importance, and its definition plays a part in biblical exegesis where it designates a type of allegory that Eriugena defines as “allegory of words but not of events” (allegoria dicti et non facti). The symbol stimulates the faithful to search for a spiritual meaning, and it drives the viewer…

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  • The Twelve Tables In Ancient Rome

    1. The Etruscans were a civilization located by the Romans, who spoke a completely different language from any other civilization. The Etruscans taught the Romans how to build arches and introduced the gladiator games to them. They also taught the Romans their way of divination, morals, religion, and introduced the Greek alphabet to them. The Etruscans are historically important because they made Rome a true city. 2. A Pyrrhic victory is a victory achieved at too great a cost. A famous Pyrrhic…

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  • Secret Life Of The American Teenager: An Analysis

    Today’s generation is hooked on mass media and society is being negatively influenced by it. New movies and television series are released every year, along with millions of interactions happening on the internet. However, storylines, plots, and character dynamics hardly ever seem to change for the female roles that are for women of color. The portrayal of colored women in Hollywood have been misrepresented, creating demeaning ideologies for today’s generation of young girls. Although the…

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  • The Entente Cordiale: The First World War

    INTRODUCTION: In the early 20th century, Europe was home to a jumbled network of coalitions that pitted state against state. Pressures grew rapidly as nations snapped up any region they could get their hands on, built great armies and navies, recognized their enemies, and organized for the huge war that was looking more likely every day. There had already been numerous small hostilities in the century's first 14 years that overwrought the continent's harmony even further. By 1914, Europe was…

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  • Global Issues In France

    Introduction Did you know that in France you can marry someone who is deceased? Or that in 1915, the French army was the first militia to use camouflage? Were you aware that the first every artificial heart and face transplant occurred in France? The country of France is filled with many intriguing facts. France is said to be a Western European country. Since the beginning, France has displayed that it is a dominant country. In 1792, France was turned from a kingdom into a republic due to the…

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  • Bandicoot The Movie Sociology

    Dingo – in Australian this means “native dog” (slang Bandicoot –are small marsupials indigenous to Australia (Wiki Bandicoot) Goanna – in Australia this is a type of monitor lizard with over 20 varies ranging in size and color (Outback) Going bush – to break away into “the bush” and be uncivilized ( Bush (as Terrian) – an area of terrain covered by diverse plant life; terrain which is has been unfarmed by man ( Dreamtime – “any remote period”…

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