Foot binding

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  • Roll Stepping: How A Marching Band Move

    shoulders back, chin up, and eyes with pride. This is how you stand in attention, this will help you obtain the proper roll step. Now that you have the proper attention stance, you can start roll stepping. The first movement is picking up your left foot slightly off the ground and placing the…

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  • Lesser Toe Deformities Research Paper

    Lesser toe deformities What are the common deformities of the lesser toes? The most common deformities affecting the lesser toes are- Hammertoes, mallet toes, and claw toes. What is a Mallet toe? Mallet toe deformity is characterized by a flexion deformity of the Distal Interphalangeal joint (DIP joint) of the toe. It usually involves the longest lesser toe. It could be due to a congenital or developmental anomaly. The most common cause of an adult onset mallet toe is due to lack of room for the…

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  • Personal Narrative On Wakeboarding

    Wakeboarding Strapped in floating helplessly in the water I wondered what is going to happen. The engine starts and I start to get nervous with jitters, the same question repeating in my mind what is going to happen.” It was my first time attempting to wakeboard. I had learned how to kneeboard years before and loved to tube but the wakeboard was different. It needed talent not something you could just do. The kneeboard had one strap that goes around my knee not restraining me in anyway. I can…

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  • Nike Special Field Boot

    Rocky S2v Vs Nike Special Field Boot As a soldier in the military you need a best boot to support your job. Survive in any conditions, although summer, rains or snow. The question is how to find the right shoes for support it? Important to remember different feet need different boots and the end of the day it truly can be the boot that carries you to extra mile. This time I will tell you about two boots which can become your choice that is Rocky S2V and Nike Special Field Boot. Design The upper…

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  • Preventing Knee Injuries

    Preventing knee injuries in sports is a complex problem. Of major importance are effective physical conditioning, rehabilitation and skill development, and shoe type. The routine use of protective bracing may be a questionable practice. Physical Conditioning and Rehabilitation: To avoid knee injuries, the athlete must be as highly conditioned as possible, which means total body conditioning that includes strength, neuromuscular control, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscle endurance, agility,…

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  • Sample Case Study In Nursing Care Plan

    History of Present Problem: The patient is a 40-year-old Caucasian female who presents to clinic accompanied by her husband for evaluation and treatment of left ankle pain. The patient was involved in a motor vehicle accident at age 19 and sustained an open fracture and dislocation of left bi-malleolar ankle fracture as well as a torn right anterior cruciate (ACL). She underwent an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) of the left ankle fracture emergently. After the left ankle healed, a right…

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  • Personal Narrative: Transition From Childhood To Adulthood

    Often times, making a difficult decision can mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. In my personal experience, a tough decision in dance would mark the aforementioned statement to be true. I began dancing at the age of ten, and shortly after, dance became my life. I would dance day and night, all throughout the year. Along the way, I learned many lessons. In one instance, I needed to decide over my health and safety or the success of my dance team. At the time, I was conflicted over…

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  • Calf Muscle Procedure

    advancing in age. The calf muscle consists of nine different muscles; the gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris muscles attach onto the heel bone and they all work together to produce the upward and downward motion of the foot (calf raise). The other six muscles cause knee, toe, and foot movements in different directions, however those muscles are not relevant to this particular study. The muscle we focused on was the gastrocnemius muscle during a calf raise. A calf muscle strain is graded…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Last Rejection

    compromised my mind from thinking painful thoughts about my foot. I sprinted with everything I had to make it to second base once the fielder dropped the ball. The ball was coming so fast to the second baseman that I had to slide into the base. The edge of my heel jammed into the bag and I cringed at the thought of the ankle. Stress from the impact moved both the first and second metatarsocuneiform joints placing stress on the navicular bone in my foot. Quickly standing up, I jogged to the back…

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  • Benefits Of Switching To Orthopedic Shoes

    switching to orthopedic shoes, though, and anyone suffering from joint pain in the ankles, knees, hips, or back should try new footwear. Orthopedic shoes are fitted with the intention of giving your toes adequate room, supporting the arch of your foot, and providing a foundation for your heel. When these goals are accomplished, your gait may be altered and your steps may be corrected, leading to a significantly lighter joint load throughout your body. Good shoes also support good posture, and…

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