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  • True Religion Brand Jeans Advertisement Analysis

    Advertisements are known to have hidden meanings within them. The product being sold, whether it is clothes, food, or cars, have an underlying message that reflects the advertiser’s attention and the consumer’s ideals. In the advertisement I analyzed on True Religion Brand Jeans, the advertisement depicts a black and white photograph of an attractive male and female model on a motorcycle in the desert to which the female model is looking out into the distance with her head turned away from the…

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  • American Flag Symbol Analysis

    well. This grand object has been called by many names ‘Old Glory’, ‘Stars and Stripes’, ’Star-Spangled Banner’,’ Grand Union Flag’ or ‘the Continental Colors’. Whichever name it’s been called this standard has brought forth emotional,…

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  • Colonel Reb As The Mascot: A Case Study

    the Confederate flag in the football stadium by, then Chancellor Robert Khayat. This was the result then Athletic Director, Pete Boone and student leaders who approved a resolution asking Ole Miss fans to stop waving Rebel flags at athletic events. In an interview Boone stated that the flag hurt recruitment (Cabell, 1997). "I mean, we 've got a great university here, a great academic program, and we 're being held back from a national perspective because of this Confederate flag,” said Boone…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Stimulus One-American Flag

    Stimulus One- American Flag In our topic of school shootings our first stimulus was an American flag. We were firstly asked what the American flag meant to us, both positive and negative. This sparked a discussion on the topic of the ‘American Dream’. Many people discussed how this gave the Americans hope. A few people went further into depth and talked about the colours of the flag representing the danger and the innocence that America claims to have. For example, Sammie said that the white…

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  • Manipulation In America

    found within the flag itself such as “America” and “For sale” display the lack of humanity and the values of a life at a bargain price. Manipulation is…

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  • Kapernick Stand For The National Anthem Analysis

    press to politicians engaged in an examination of their own values and views as they deliberated over his action. Did Kapernick’s action represent a peaceful protest, well within his rights, or simply an unpatriotic disrespect of the institution of our flag and anthem? Kapernick stated his choice to take…

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  • Summary: Interpretation Of Symbols

    will address the question of whether kneeling during the American national anthem/US flag a priori to National Football League games should be exercised by professional athletes in regards to spreading awareness of inequality in America. The act of kneeling as a protest falls perfect in expressing disagreement on a certain issue in a democratic state. The controversy of kneeling during the national anthem/US flag all began when NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco Forty-Niners’…

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  • Son Of A Bitch Analysis

    Is it unpatriotic if athletes do not stand during the national anthem in protest of their beliefs? I will use the controversy around athletic protests as an example of Geertz' theory of anthropology as interpretation. Colin Kaepernick is an American football quarterback who did not stand during the playing of the national anthem during the entire football season for 2016-17. He was released from his role as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers in 2016. He is currently a free agent and…

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  • Importance Of Respect For Americans

    playing of our national anthem. Standing for the playing of the national anthem is a sign of respect that citizens of many countries choose to take part in. In the everyday life, Americans have very few opportunities to come together. The American flag and the National Anthem is a sign of respect of freedom, it is not a declaration for those who agree…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Vietnam War

    In the early twentieth century, war was becoming inevitable due to high tensions between a considerable amount of foreign countries. Idealist President Wilson attempted to keep the United States out of the war, yet it was imperative to aid the French and British troops. The government needed support from many Americans with the goal of perpetuating stability of the nation, Americans needed to organize their resources and economy so they could focus all efforts to the war. Page 1, Image 10…

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