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  • We Have No Right To Happiness Analysis

    What is happiness? Do we have a right to have it? In the essay “We have no Right to Happiness” C. S Lewis claims that we do not have a right to happiness and sets his foundation on an anecdote. Throughout our life we meet so many different people; some are happy while some are not, but it is not up to us to decide whether they are happy or not, and what makes one person happy would make another person happy, or whether it is the right path to happiness. In the article mentioned above, Lewis…

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  • Significance Of The Stele Of Naram-Sin

    In Sippar, Mesopotamia, there laid a temple of the sun god, Shamash. Within the courtyard of this temple, there stood a six-foot six-inch piece of Royal Art. On display for the generations of that era, and many eras after, many are able to awe in the narration of a victorious event. This art displays the triumph of Naram-Sin, and his Military, conquering the Lullabi people of Zargos mountains; habitants of Eastern Mesopotamia. In r. 2254-2218 BCE, Naram-Sin was inspired to leave an imprint of…

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Advertisement Analysis

    Anthony, J, and I chose two still ads from the same cologne line, over a decade apart. The line is “Le Male” by Jean Paul Gaultier, and the two ads that we chose are pictured below. Our task was to analyze the “gayness” of the advertisement, and therefore to also analyze what wasn’t gay about it. To do this, we collectively did research about the history of the content of the ads, the brand and the creator of it, and the models used. Lastly, we analyzed the aesthetics of the ad to pull it all…

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  • The Vulcan's Forge Analysis

    Auguste Rodin is perhaps best known for his iconic bronze sculpture The Thinker. Amongst his other works is another bronze piece titled The Vulcan’s Forge, cast in 1905. The rectangular relief sculpture features a group of five ancient Roman men smithing at a forge. The group is transfixed on their tiring task to the point that they have no connection to the world around them, nor do they have notable purpose; they are slaves to their work. Additionally, the juxtaposition of archaic subject…

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  • Employment Opportunities In The Workplace

    Every new year comes with excitement for what the next 365 days has in store, for me in January 2015 I found myself browsing open medical jobs in my area which led me to Thompson Health’s employment opportunities page. The more I read, the more I became intrigued. Deep down inside my subconscious I could hear myself saying “just do it!”, so I did I sent in my job application, and resume. Little did I know that the simple click of a submit button would lead me in such a life-changing adventure.…

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  • Analysis Of 'Modern Woman' By Emma Goldman

    Being an anarchist causes controversy on suffrage because of what they believe in. An anarchist is one who believes that there should be no government or at least a government that has little to no power. This causes their views on suffrage to be controversial because voting deals with the governing of a population, whom they believe should not have to be governed. Though she is an anarchist, Emma Goldman is a “Modern Woman” because she does support the women’s movement, but it different from…

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  • Reflective Essay: Coming To Geneseo

    Coming to Geneseo, when I registered for this course I was definitely nervous. In High School writing an English paper has never been my strong suit to begin with. Being out of high school for three years I haven’t written a paper, so right off the bat I found this course difficult. For instances, this course challenged myself to really “think” about what I should write during the first essay process. I was recapping what happened in the film “Do the Right Thing” rather than analysing the film…

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  • Enviro-Wave Swot Analysis

    Introduction: Enviro-Wave, Inc. brings the convenience of preparing food to new levels. Together with the use of state-of-the-art technology and natural resources, Enviro-Wave, Inc. provides. the highest level of development in microwave ovens. We have developed the current design of the microwave oven to run solely without the need of an electrical supply. Our company manufactures and distributes these portable microwave ovens, complete with a 12-volt backup battery pack, to supply individuals…

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  • The Cold War On Ice Bobby Orr Analysis

    Bobby Orr, who used to be a professional player for the NHL team the Boston Bruins, can be seen flying across the ice after scoring the game-winning goal of game four in the Stanley Cup Final of 1970. This photograph was taken by Ray Lussier at the old Boston Garden on May 10th, 1970. It represents one of the most famous goals in hockey history giving Boston its first Stanley Cup win in a long time. The photograph symbolizes the spirit hockey has and the Boston Bruins. It is a very interesting…

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  • Describe How To Straighten Your Hair Essay

    Many people do not know how to properly straighten their hair. Their hair either always gets damaged or comes out frizzy. Also, a lot of people know how to straighten their hair but they are using the wrong methods which eventually damage to your hair. Straightening your hair is easy as long as you know what to get for hair, how to straighten your hair correctly, and how to take care of your hair once you are done straightening your hair. First, you need to know what you will need to get started…

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