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  • Compare And Contrast Lutheranism And Zwingli

    immense power and looked at the world and the Roman Catholics as petty because of the sacraments they performed. “Zwingli’s reform extended and deepened some of the fundamental theological and moral concepts of Protestantism… simplifying the church building into an undecorated hall, in which a simple communion table replaced the elevated Catholic altar. He thus started on the way toward the puritanical simplicity of the later Calvinists” (Zwingli, 1484-1531, 330). Hostile to sacraments enforced…

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  • Difference Between Industrial And Small Scale Agriculture

    As spoken by a preeminent American food writer, M.F.K. Fisher, “first we eat, then we do everything else.” Food is a basic necessity, that is demanded constantly around the globe, however its problems are often overlooked and reside behind a veil of industry. Through an analysis, of both industrial and small-scale agriculture, these two strategies of organization can be further examined; to evaluate the potential benefits and possible market failures from each of these different market…

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  • Wal-Mart Marketing

    Preface “Older shoppers have the disposable income but they are not necessarily spending it on clothes, because many retailers are not targeting them successfully. Most store groups are chasing younger shoppers, who are more driven by fashion and are much easier to understand.” says Maureen Hinton, director of research and analysis at Verdict, a retail consultancy. Says a retired civil servant from Kent: “We are the first generation that has not slipped into grannydom, where you sat in a shawl…

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  • Horror And German Expressionism

    The horror genre has evolved drastically over time. When one mentions horror today, they might imagine the screams of poor teenagers as all their guts are ripped from their bodies, or the unsettling tension created by the knowledge that evil lurks around characters that are oblivious. Over the years, horror has had to keep audiences on their toes and switch up their scaring tactics to kept the adrenaline pumping. But is the horror film dependent on the scares it provides, or the topic within the…

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  • How Did Tesla Use Strategic Partnerships To Stay In Business?

    While Tesla designs, manufactures, sells and services their own vehicles they recognize that due to the company being one smallest auto manufacturers in the world that they needed strategic partnerships to stay in business. The first partnership that Tesla entered into was being with Daimler in 2010. For a 10% stake in Tesla, Daimler got Tesla’s lithium-ion battery packs into 1,000 of its electric smart cars. With the infusion of capital from Daimler, Tesla could continue with their…

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  • Linsco And Private Ledge Financial Analysis

    John F. Kennedy is famous for saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” this quote applies to intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is the fear of the unknown that often holds back a company from seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity, and equity crowdfunding is one of those opportunities. In 2014, equity crowdfunding was a $17.34 billion dollar industry. Linsco and Private Ledge Financial (LPL) should enter the equity crowdfunding arena to strengthen the…

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  • Torture In The Middle Ages

    The Roman Empire was one of the greatest in history. It had one of the first strong governments and codes of law (Trembinski 6). However, the fall of Rome in 476 CE marked the end of a united Europe (“Middle Ages”). All across the continent and for many centuries to come, millions of shattered people had to fend for themselves against Vikings from the north, hordes from the east, Muslims from the south, and barbarians from within. Life was feudal, build a castle and defend it, do not let anyone…

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  • Faith Integration Paper

    each other (Fischer, 2011). Time Value of Money and the Bond Market Two of the most important concepts in finance are the time value of money and the bond market. “Time value of money is a very important topic in finance because it represents the building block and basic tool for many other fundamental topics such as bond valuation, stock valuation, capital budgeting, and options valuation” (Martinez, 2013). These concepts can be observed from a biblical perspective, as told in the parable…

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  • Vulnerable Population

    Social and Environmental Profile Cultural, Social and Economic Impact Vulnerable Populations Southern Florida has a large migrant farm worker population that could be negatively impacted by food shortages and thus labor shortages across the state and county. These individuals rely on the income made through harvesting in order to provide for their families and are often the most marginalized in society. Low income residents will also be impacted if aerial spraying continues in the region. Food…

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  • Literacy Instruction Framework In Teaching

    Literacy Instruction Framework The ability to read and write does not develop naturally. Teaching reading and writing to emergent readers and writers needs careful planning and systematic instruction. In a joint position and statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and International Reading Association (IRA), it stated that “learning to read and write is a complex, multifaceted process that requires a wide variety of instructional approaches” (1998, p.…

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