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  • Fire Extinguisher In School

    safety. Every classroom in this school district, even America, should by law contain a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers have many uses that can benefit the safety of the students. First and foremost, they can be used in defense of school shooters. They are also cheaper and more unproblematic than guns. Lastly, they can be used for their most obvious purpose, in a fire. This essay will demonstrate the uses of a fire extinguisher in hazardous situations. It will show how much it can ensure…

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  • Fire Evacuation Methods

    Evacuation models and fire codes are written under the assumption that when the fire alarm sounds occupants will immediately exit the structure. But work done by researchers has shown that this is not the case. In fact, there is a behavioral process that transpires repeats before an occupant taking action to exit the structure or stay in place. This process involves four steps that discover, identify, decide, and act upon the cues or the perception of the cues present. Many valuable lessons…

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  • Kimbote In Pale Fire

    Whether one is attempting to glean the hidden meanings within the 999 lines of Pale Fire or determine the sanity and identity of the narrator, a great number of mysteries still surround Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Pale Fire. Many theories have been put forward by various academics, including those who were close to Nabokov, that helps to reveal the identity of Kinbote; many of the ideas revolve around Kimbote being a made up fictional character created for Shade’s novel, while another puts forward…

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  • Research Paper On Chicago Fire

    The Great Fire of Chicago Have you ever thought about how terrifying that nice, warm fire, in your house could actually be? The Chicago Fire was a very tragic event that happened in October of 1871. The Chicago Fire killed up to 300 people and also left around 100,000 people homeless. The fire had took down everything engulfing anything that it had touched. Every Single house, all the streets, and the sidewalks were all made up of wood and the fact that Chicago was super dry did not help at all.…

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  • Accelerant Canines In Fire Investigation

    Introduction Fire investigators have many different types of technology and equipment available to them today to assist in the investigation process. Accelerant canines are becoming a more commonly used piece of “equipment” used by fire investigators today. Accelerant canines have many uses in fire investigations and other investigations as well; they do require specific training in order to do this work however, also; there are some challenges faced with accelerant canine findings in the court…

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  • Fire Chief Case Study

    I will be commenting on the following dilemma a fire chief than is working to serve his firefighters to protect the community versus a fire chief that works for the government to protect the community. I will indicate if this dilemma is true or false and why. Being a leader of a Fire service in any place in our modern world is no easy task with more and more being demanded from communities and less that governments want to provide the harder this task will become in the future. Through reading…

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  • Fire Testing Research Paper

    Escape under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Monthly and annual testing, combined with the routine maintenance must be carried out by a professional electrical contractor in respect to the building’s emergency system. An Emergency Lighting Log Book is to be kept up to date, and events recorded in it. It is common for fire alarm servicing companies to carry out the emergency…

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  • Fire Risk Assessment

    The prevention of fire hazards in the workplace requires the use of two approaches i.e. fire risk assessment and implementation of best practices towards promoting fire safety in the working environment. The use of these approaches should be accompanied with compliance with legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety. The organization should examine state and federal laws regarding occupational health and safety, particularly fire safety and develop and implement policies and…

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  • 1871: The Great Chicago Fire Of 1871

    CHICAGO FIRE OF 1871 Chicago was a booming community with some of the finest and most modern building in the country, 59,500 buildings to be exact. Although some of those building were built from stone or brick and proclaimed fireproof. “Chicago was, in fact, a city of wood… The nearby forests of Michigan and Wisconsin made that material both inexpensive and easily obtainable.” Around two- thirds of Chicago’s building and houses were made of flammable wood. On October 8, 1871 a disastrous fire…

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  • Case Study: Darby Fire Company

    Over the past few years, Darby Fire Company has reviewed all 16 Life Safety Initiatives developed at a Firefighter Safety Summit in Tampa Florida in 2004 attended by representatives of the major fire service districts. Since the inception of these Initiatives, Darby Fire Company has been able to implement 15 out of the 16 Life Safety Initiatives to become a conscientious and informed fire company resulting in very few firefighter injuries. To begin, Darby Fire Company encourages cultural…

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