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  • Theater Performance Critique

    stuck looking at something for long periods of time I catch myself daydreaming about something totally different from what’s in front of me but I can say the director succeeded in keeping my attention on the show for the entire time. LaBord 3 The fifth element to theater is theater space. In this particular production it took place on a proscenium stage. “Future Thinking” did not have many changes in scenery so it was very easy to just change a few things around and everything look different. I…

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  • Clouds Observation

    Week One I will be completing my observation at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we are an inner city school that falls under title1 accommodations; meaning more that 90% of our students go for title 1 services. We also provide free lunch program for the entire school body. The majority of the students come from low income homes. The population of the school is of Hispanic descent, a big portion of the students being first generation Dominican. O.L.Q.M is an extremely warm environment for the…

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  • Reflective Essay: Learning To Speak Through Writing

    Learning to Speak Through Writing Introversion is a state of self-concern, the distrust of one’s outside world and resultant fear of its expedition. To prove unable to speak when it is expected of you, for reasons either hesitant or uncertain, is to realize how voiceless you truly are. And it is the goal of this generalized introvert to acquire that voice, to speak freely alongside their peers, and become normal in the eyes of their perceived society. For me and in my pursuit of voice and…

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  • Analysis Of The Classroom

    Both the tables and chairs are secure and sturdy enough to lean, yet they are able to slide under too much pressure. The lighting is distributed evenly without being too dim or too bright. There is not an area set aside in case a child becomes over-stimulated. Voices are heard throughout the classroom without echoes. The room is only noisy during center time and when a child is upset. It is easy to listen and focus on a child next to you unless a child was being distracting by throwing a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Game I Never Will Forget

    to him the urge to play this game got bigger and bigger! So I explained to my dad why I liked this game and he said they were starting a youth football league and I freaked out at the time I was in 4th grade and next would be my time to shine! So fifth grade year comes around I 'm all signed up for football and excited first practice so excited! I get there and I am told I cannot participate because I didn 't have my physical so here I am wondering what a physical is. I get home and my mom and…

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  • What I Learned In My ESL Classroom

    Moving from a country to another is already hard enough. Having to adapt and even learn a new language makes it twice as difficult. This is something that a lot of people in the United States have to deal with, myself included. I moved from El Salvador when I was nine years old. I had to get accustomed to practically a new way of living. I had to get used to a new culture and a new way of communicating. I started fourth grade here and I was put in an ESL class. My first year in school wasn’t as…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: Using Technology To Enhance Learning

    Annotated Bibliography Single Subject Design Clapham, E. D., Sullivan, E. C., & Ciccomascolo, L. E. (2015). Effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices on physical activity. Physical Educator, 72(1), 102-116 Clapham, Sullivan,& Ciccomascolo (2015) wanted to examine the effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices, including a heart rate monitor and pedometer ,on students level and amount of physical activity. The research…

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  • Sematat Middle School

    “Helen “was what everyone liked to call me when I was a kid. Except my mom, she called me by my real name “Abadit”. I am small and skinny with a black curly hair. I have a brown eyes and a short, sharp nose. I stood in the middle of the road wearing a gray shirt and short pants to read a restaurant’s name. I remember the area where stood was like downtown but not like American modern looking downtown, however we call it downtown because it is the only area where you can find everything. There…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Learning Disability

    Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a senior at Joliet West who has a lot of friends, I have good grades on my transcript- mostly all As and Bs (I got a C like two or three times, never Ds or Fs), I been on the honor roll and high honor lists, I participated in a lot of extracurricular activities at Joliet West High School- I was in Choir, Speech Team, Chess Team, Scholastic Bowl, Leo club, and Key club, and my future plans after high school involve me going to Joliet Junior College for two years where I am…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Growing Up In African Education

    Growing up in African was difficult. I was there till I was 10 years old, moving from a different family member each year to find a place that would be suitable for me to be successful at school. I am not one of those kids that education came to easily, I used to hate going to school. I hated the fact that I was always the last person to get the right answer in class and that is if I did get the answer right at all. I hated the fact what I could never talk to my friends about how I was doing in…

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