Female genital cutting

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  • Early Childhood: The Three Stages Of Child Development

    Betty represents the Adolescent stage, she has a boyfriend, and they can be seen walking through the hall together holding hands. Her boyfriend also has to give Betty a hug when he leaves to go to his class. Betty is displaying concepts from Freud’s Genital stage. She is “seeking sexual stimulation and satisfaction in heterosexual relationships,” (Berger, 2014, pp. 39-40) by having the intimate touching of holding hands and…

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  • Similarities Between The Lottery And The Cask Of Amontillado

    Analysis of “The Lottery” and “The Cask of Amontillado” Psychoanalytic theory is based on Freud’s idea that we can realise what does person’s thinks and feels if we look at what he or she perceives in his mind (Psychoanalytic Criticism (1930's-present)). Moreover, it follows that by analysing one of the author’s characters we are really analysing the author itself. We do not need to believe this as a whole. We believe based on experience and on some Psychological theories, that the main…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Wrestling

    reach the pinnacle of his journey: to be a state champion. Before the wrestling season, a wrestler needs to be mentally and physically prepared. This journey is anything but easy, and sometimes to have the most success, wrestlers must cut weight. Cutting weight puts the wrestler at a lower weight, helping him control wrestling matches easier. The wrestler has to create physical goals through exercise, dieting, weight checks, all while remaining mentally motivated. Pursuing these goals will…

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  • Wrestlers In Letitia Baldrige's More Than Manners

    may be times when wrestlers are overly quiet and are acting a little grumpy this might be because they are close to their weigh ins and have not eaten any food in a while. Another is that wrestlers sacrifice maybe too much when it comes to weight cutting, according to Weight Loss Behavior in High School Wrestling: Wrestler and Parent Perceptions by Ellen Weissinger, Terry J. Housh, Glen O. Johnson, and Sharon A. Evans they go into detail by stating, “ Wrestlers reported use of extreme weight…

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  • The Three Stages Of Sigmund Freud And Lady Gaga's Theory

    Sigmund Freud was a very distinct scientist not just for his time, but ours as well. Freud was fascinated by the development of human personalities. His theories were very over the top, having to do with very sexual thoughts, such as the idea of females having “penis envy.” Regardless of how ridiculous his theories may have seemed, psychologists today still study his works, and some believe them to be true. Freud’s main theories consist of the “Psychosexual Model,” and the “Psychodynamic…

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  • Alfred Bandura's Ethical Theory

    There are various behaviours that individuals exhibit that can be traced to childhood experiences. In understanding this, theoretical models have been developed to not only help explain why individuals exhibit behaviours, but how these behaviours transpire. Analyzing Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory with respect to his stages of psychosexual development, while also drawing on aspects of Alfred Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory is necessary to assess Myra’s personality impediments. Thus, an…

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  • Five Perspectives Of Child Development

    There are five major perspectives on child development: psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive, context, and evolutionary. Psychoanalytic perspective is the theory of personality developed by Freud that focuses on repression and unconscious forces and includes the concepts of infantile sexuality, resistance, transference, and division of the psyche into the Id, ego, and superego. Freud was also the first one who believed that all human beings were born with the desire towards hunger, sex and…

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  • Case Study Of Human Development And Behaviour At Different Life Stages

    In this report, I will look at a case study and talk about human development and behaviour at different life stages using theories from different psychological approaches. Erik Erikson was one of the writers who developed the psychodynamic approach to psychology. His theory is known as the psychosocial theory of development as he believed that a person’s development depends on their social class, culture and their norms for the society that they live in. According to Erik Erikson (1902) a…

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  • Comparing Sigmund Freud And Erikson's Eight Stages Of Development

    When you think of developmental psychology what major names come to the forefront of your mind? Sigmund Freud? Erik Erikson? Jean Piaget? Maybe even Lev Vygotsky. Development is a very prominent aspect in psychology, made up of a multitude of theories. Freud’s psychosexual stages and Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development are two theories that are leading the way. These two gentlemen’s theories could not be more different, not only from a sexual aspect, but also from an overall…

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  • Effects Of Female Circumcision

    for humans, or women, rights and traditional customs. * What is female circumcision? Female circumcision refers to a range of procedures performed on the genitals of females of all different ages, though mainly on teenage girls aged from 4 to 12 years old before they go through puberty. It basically consists of the partially or totally removal of female external genitals. According to Alison in her article “Female Circumcision: A Critical Appraisal”, published in 1988, this practice…

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