Female genital cutting

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  • Meredith Jackson Case Study

    He believes that the individual focuses on pleasure areas of the body starting at birth, which are the erogenous zones. There are five stages that come with this theory which are oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital. The oral stage explains the focus pleasure seeking activity is through the individual’s mouth. This stage starts at birth and ends at 18 months. The oral stage suggests that mouthing and sucking objects are the pleasure activities. However, there…

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  • Prenatal Development Case Study

    Nature of the Problem Does what happens to the mother prior to birth impact the development of the child after birth? There is a correlation between the negative stresses on the mother and the child 's developmental problems. Reviewer Comment Prenatal development is crucial to a healthy birth for both the mother and the child. Three trimesters define major portions and milestones of prenatal development. The milestones of prenatal development begin with the germinal phase. Then followed…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Essay: The Uncanny

    In his essay “The Uncanny”, Sigmund Freud attempts to explain the concept of “the uncanny” by using two methods: defining the word through language and analyzing individual experiences. In order to support his claims and illustrate the notion of “the uncanny”, he uses E.T.A. Hoffman’s story “The Sandman”. Despite the fact that this text is intriguing and at first sight appealing, Freud fails to convince his readers that he has discovered the true meaning of “the uncanny” because he struggles…

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  • Neonatal Nursing

    Personality-Journal Psyche). The Latency stages occurs between 5 and 12 years of age and includes pleasure found from exploring sexual feelings for the opposite sex (The Freudian Theory of Personality-Journal Psyche). The last stage of Freud 's theory is the Genital stage and this occurs after 12 years of age. This stage includes all tasks from the previous four stages and is combined into the mind allowing for healthy sexual feelings and behaviors (The Freudian Theory of Personality-Journal…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Development Theory Analysis

    During this stage the individual seeks a lifelong partner and participates in sexual experimentation (Kendra Cherry 2015). The libido is focused in the genitals and therefore the outlet of frustration is typically sex. Sean has reached this stage in his life but what is interesting is combining both Freud and Erikson’s theories. In relation to Erikson’s theory Sean is currently in the identity vs confusion…

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  • Theories Of Sigmund Freud And Montessori's Theory Of Two Stages Of Development

    Every human life begins with infancy and every infant needs proper rearing. The way we grow and shape our young has varied throughout the centuries and there have been many theories on what is right and what is wrong. Every theory must have its theorist, and the three chosen for this paper are no different. The theories and theorists I have chosen are Sigmund Freud with his theory of psychosexual stages, Maria Montessori with her theory of the planes of development, and lastly, John Piaget with…

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  • Psychology Everyday Life

    Psychology is the study of behavior and, embracing all aspects of human experience. Psychology is a science that works toward understanding an individual or group’s mindset. Learning the different aspects in psychology can help one to understand why an organism functions the way it does. Some of these aspects include human development, social behavior, health, and etc. Psychology relates to my everyday life because it involves negative reinforcement/negative punishment,…

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  • Analysis Of The Human Papillomavirus

    women and 160,000 men are infected by genital warts, bumps that come out in different areas of the body. In this paper, it will address an understanding of HPV, different perspective on the virus as well as examining the public health implications. Human Papillomavirus, a disease that categorizes 40 groups. Each group differing on the types of an infection a person can receive. Some cause women or men to get cancer, usually cervical cancer. While other cause genital warts, small bumps occurring…

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  • Erickson's Psychosocial Theory

    their parents and make them their own when we go against our will we feel guilty. If you don’t feel guilty you are considered a psychopath. Now moving on to Freud’s psychosexual theory of development consist of five stages oral, anal, phallic, and genital stage. The oral stage is from birth to 18 months, in this stage the pleasure comes from the mouth the infant is born with sucking reflex. If the infant is denied He or she may develop for things fixation later in life . The second stage is…

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  • Narcissistic Personality

    The concept of understanding an individual’s personality is very complex. Every person has their own unique combination of qualities that form their character. However, there are certain maladaptive qualities that become harmful to the individual and how they function in society. Because understanding the unique factors that create an individual personality can be difficult, theories help us point out maladaptive behaviors that are not seen as normal in society. According to Barbara Engler…

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