Female genital cutting

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  • Franz Boas Theory Of Cultural Relativism

    cultures, when does a certain practice/belief become a violation of human rights? Anthropologist Claudie Gosselin examines the issue of female genital mutilation in the country of Mali through a recent ethnography and discusses the controversies surrounding the issue. Gosselin forms her arguments from Boas and other anthropologists to explain her research on female genital mutilation and how feminist anthropologists should study this issue.…

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  • Expectations And Standards In Margie Piercy's Barbie Doll

    negative impact on females. In Margie Piercy’s poem “Barbie Doll” she discusses the impractical stereotype and pressure that society puts on women. The standards for a woman’s body have a negative effect on females. In the poem Piercy wrote, “She went to and fro apologizing. Everyone saw a fat nose and thick legs”. The thought…

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  • Analysis Of Richard Shweder's Female Genital Mutilation

    the article by Richard A. Shweder, “Female Genital Mutilation”? And Why Understanding Culture Matters in the First Place”, the author emphasis female circumcision and the relationship to culture (Shweder, pg.1). The author is focusing on female circumcision however it can also be related as female genital mutilation (FGM) in other cultures. (Shweder, pg.1) Throughout this article, the author specifically focuses on the thought of the cultures which practice female circumcision (Shweder, pg.2).…

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  • Fgm And Menstruation Taboos Essay

    The enforcement of female circumcision and menstruation taboos exemplifies paternalism. The practice of female circumcision and development of menstruation taboos shows how ritual pollution, false consciousness, and different ideologies are utilized to enforce something that is controversial. Through paternalistic methods, female circumcision and menstruation taboos are deeply rooted into many cultures and are good examples of how men keep women in subordinate positions. Female circumcision and…

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  • Honor Diaries Essay

    In Honor Diaries, a group of nine female activists come together to discuss issues faced by women and girls, specifically with a focus on Muslim-majority societies. These nine women touch on an array of issues but emphasize major topics such as female genital mutilation, forced marriages, and honor violence. All the topics revolve around one major concept which is honor. The women argue that honor is contained in women and it is to be guarded by men (Basch-Harod, Kweskin, Traiman, & Smith, 2013)…

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  • Taed Up Heart Analysis

    Most people in this day and age have either been in a relationship that has ended, or experienced some form of heartbreak. The song “Taped Up Heart” by Kream featuring Clara Mae directly addresses a relationship that had ended and how both parties from the relationship are reacting to it. The main character in the song, did not want the relationship to end and cannot stop thinking about it. The singer mentions a new girl who makes the guy happy and used to be her. When you watch the video with…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fear Of Failure

    The fear of failure is not a universally positive motivator. In some cases it is neither positive nor a motivator. Failure may be described as the eventual and inevitable by-product of the expenditure of efforts to achieve success. A fear of failure has never been anything but an abstract to me, because I do not embrace failure as an acceptable outcome. Success may be attained by researching methods to achieve an action or by avoiding problems through observing failures of other people. In…

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  • The Importance Of Being A State Champion

    For any wrestler, it is a long and excruciating process, but well worth the pain to reach his goal: to be a State Champion. Before the wrestling season, a wrestler needs to be mentally, and physically prepared. This journey is anything, but easy and sometimes to have the most success, wrestlers must cut weight. The wrestler has to create goals through exercise, dieting, weight checks, while remaining mentally motivated. Sticking with these goals will determine how the individual season ends.…

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  • The Seven Models Of Personality

    person ages, the individual goes through a number of stages in a hierarchy. Considering these stages were done through the child’s unconscious. Through this stage of development there are: oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latency stage, and genital stage. Freud’s reasoning for these stages was that “different development tasks and challenges” (Lecci, 2015, sec. 2.4) were motivated by a specific body part throughout the stages of development. The first stage within this concept is oral,…

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  • The Four Main Stages Of Child Development

    Stage, and Genital Stage. The Oral Stage occurs between the ages of birth to eighteen months. This stage is when children are focused on sucking. The Anal Stage happens to children between the ages eighteen months to three years. In this stage, children focus on removing feces. This is something that children have to learn to control. The Phallic Stage occurs within the ages three to six years old. Freud thought that this was when the pleasure zones began to switch to the genitals. The…

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