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  • Symbolism In The Farmworker In Los Vendidos By Valdez

    Valdez describes him as hardworking “But his most attractive feature is that he’s hard-working”(42), but to Jimenez hard workers aren’t enough, showing the start to the discrimination the farmworker faced. Jimenez is mostly concerned with the appearance of the farmworker “.. We are looking for someone suave...but of course not too dark”(42), showing how the government looks at mexicans, they are “not good enough” for Reagan’s political purpose, so they are rejected by Miss JIM-enez…

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  • Powerlessness In The Workplace Essay

    Discuss the ways in which power/powerlessness comes into play in the situation of women farmworkers who are undocumented immigrants. (Here, you can talk about the power of the farm owners relative to the workers.) The ways in which the patriarchal hegemony have been socially constructed gives cisgender men power over all other identities. Because of this dynamic, it comes as no surprise that women farmworkers face harassment from their male supervisors. Not only are these men privileged because…

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  • Viva La Causa Analysis

    Optional Bonus Point Projects: Migrant Farmworkers In the documentary, "Viva La Causa" the working conditions for the migrant field workers were very poor and described as, "hard work, low pay." The video showed men wiping sweat off their faces with bandanas, so it was a clear indication that they worked in high temperatures and were not properly hydrated at all. They earned approximately a dollar an hour with no health benefits and the government did little to help. There were no laws set in…

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  • Migrant Farm Worker Summary

    “Bernardo had stomach pain, the reason for these stomach pains is he works for long periods of time and he does not eat enough in that time, so his stomach becomes very pain full” (105). As you can see by this example you can tell that the migrant farmworkers are not treated fairly they would…

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  • Should Farm Workers Be Paid Essay

    Most people that enjoy the produce on the table do not realize that it is was grown through extensive effort and hard work from farm workers. Farm workers grow and pick the harvest people eat. They undergo continuous physical stress while doing their job. This results in injuries and serious issues that can affect their career. Their health is put at risk when these concerns persist and when they are not provided with suitable housing. In 1970, farm laborers were paid above minimum wage at a…

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  • The Harvest Movie Analysis

    Migrant Farmworkers Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep! The alarm clock cries for attention in the early morning, when the sky is still dark and even the birds are sleeping. Inside a small, negligible shack on the side of a dirt road, a tired, calloused hand reaches over the side of the mattress to quiet the clock, but hesitates for minutes, uncertain whether to let its owner savor a few more minutes of sleep. Finally, it smashes down on the alarm clock and yanks its haggard owner up from the bed. The…

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  • Community Health Care: Article Analysis

    Bechtel A. G Shepherd A. M./ Rogers W.P. 1995 Family, Culture, and Health Practices among Migrant Farmworkers in journal of Community Health Nursing, Vol.12, No.1 pp 15-22 In the article Family, Culture, and Health Practice among Migrant Farmworkers, Betchel, Shepard and Rogers identify patterns among migrant farm workers that lead to their health issues. These patterns including seasonal traveling, constant labor, and constant stress, caused “migrant farm workers and their families to have…

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  • Powerlessness In Women

    between the farmworkers and farm owners comes the idea of vulnerability of farmworkers. How is this illustrated in the documentary? Farm workers are particularly vulnerable for many reasons as illustrated by the documentary. For one, they are often in harsh conditions outside and oftentimes without proper equipment. They are also often left alone in isolated areas of fields and this is where many female farmworkers are sexually assaulted. Along with that, since the work for farmworkers is so…

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  • Analysis Of The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas By Ursula Le Guin

    There is this idea in the minds of many: a shining utopia, where society can exist without consequences. There is no war, no crime, no suffering. The people of this city experience only happiness and joyousness. This description is not of any world that can or ever will exist; it is merely a fantasy, one that is described in the story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin. Society cannot exist without consequences, there must always be retribution. This splendid city could not…

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  • Essay On Migrant Workers

    order to have enough money to support their families back home. Make sure they have food, shelter and for the children back home to be able to go to school and get an education. There are an estimated of 3.5 million migrants workers and seasonal farmworkers in the United States,including women and children who work throughout all fifty states. While other migrant workers come from Haiti,Guatemala,Honduras, Dominican Republic, and others states in the United States their aspirations stay the…

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