Family Nursing Essay

  • The Importance Of Family Nursing

    Family Nursing Technology innovation has allowed people to live longer. However, this does not mean they are living healthier lives. The U.S. Census bureau indicates that 117 million people had a chronic illness in 2012 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). What implications will this have on nursing? Depending on the severity of the illness, children or spouses may become the decision makers and primary caregivers. Nursing care will need to incorporate the family. Care will be directed toward four different areas such as the family as context, family as client, family as system, and family as component of society (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, & Hanson, 2015). As you read further, I shall discuss each of these topics…

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  • The Importance Of Nursing Roles In The Nursing Family

    I have been shadowing a variety of nursing roles within a nursing home nearby for my mentorship. During this time I have followed a variety of nurses and other closely related roles in the nursing home. While each experience was fulfilling and enjoyable, I found a sort of home in the dementia unit at the facility. It is questionable as to why I had chosen this section, but I have come to realize that it may be because of the behavior that is observed in this section. Due to their dementia, many…

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  • Importance Of Community Health Nursing And Family Nursing

    Community health nursing and family nursing share a very close relationship. Community health services help both the individual and the family unity. Any nurse working in a community health center of any type will find him or herself often educating the patient along with their family members. In Miami, FL there are a number of different types of community health centers. These include but are not limited to home health care, community health clinics, and the public health department. These…

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  • Family Assessment: Approaches To Family Nursing Assessment

    Approaches to Family Nursing Assessment The components of family nursing includes an evaluation of family as context, family as client, family as system, and family as a component of society. It is important to keep these four perspective in mind when working to families because it will facilities in the accuracy of the nursing assessment and intervention (Kaakine et al., 2015). Furthermore, a comprehension of all four approaches will lead to better patient and family outcomes. In this…

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  • Importance Of Family Assessment In Nursing

    “Nursing Assessment of a Family” Families play an important role in determining the health of both individuals and groups within the community. Nurses must understand the importance of including the family when assessing a patient, as one single health issue can have a significant impact on the entirety of the family (McMurray, 2007). The following essay will discuss the principals of a family assessment and its importance within nursing practice. The Australian Family Strengths Nursing…

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  • Reflection Of A Family Interview As A Bachelor Of Nursing Family

    though I am familiar with this family, I still conducted the interview professionally. I started out by stating my name, that I am a Bachelor of Nursing Student and that the purpose of the interview is to learn more about the family and that everything discussed will be confidential. I began by asking Melissa questions on the structure and composition of her family, and I drew out a rough draft of a genogram as she was answering my questions and providing me with information. I asked her to tell…

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  • Nursing Assessment On Family Health

    Family health nurses recognize that the health of an individual impacts how the family functions. To identify family stressors during illness, the nurses perform a comprehensive nursing assessment to gather information. The nurse analyzes this information to identify health needs, develop care plan strategies, and set mutual goals. The Nurse engages families from the first point of contact and over successive visits, learns more about them. If family members develop a trusting relationship…

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  • The Institutionalization Of Death In The Nursing Family

    control over mortality and that death can be cured and death is now institutionalized (people die more in hospitals). There have become greater scientific methods for curing and healing people. Over 11% of people over the age of 80 are in nursing homes. The family does not participate frequently in the rituals of the death. Death is less visible and prevalent. They have been given to professional and death has been kept away from society. Usually, for most of us, we get a call when someone dies.…

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  • Examples Of Family Strengths Framework In Nursing

    Using the family strengths framework for assessment in nursing will be explored in this essay. Concepts covered will include defining family in contemporary Australian society, the family strengths framework and how the framework can be applied to practice as a nurse. Wright and Leahey (cited in Barnes & Rowe 2011, p. 5) declared ‘the family is who they say they are’, but defining family for discussion in nursing is much more complex. Defining family in contemporary society can be challenging…

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  • The Concept Of Family-Centered Care In Nursing

    The concept of patient-centered care has been emphasized over and over again throughout my nursing education. However, family-centered care is an approach that is less talked about. The family interview allowed an opportunity for me to apply family-centered care to a patient on the post-partum unit. I interviewed a 38-yeard old patient who had just given birth to a healthy baby girl. The baby girl was four days old. The mother has a history of pulmonary embolism, hypertension and is currently a…

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