Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

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  • Essay On Diversity In The Media

    diverseness has skyrocketed since the legalization of gay marriage. The media is meant to represent the diversity of the country and represent the common people and the number of gay and colored people has shot up immensely within the last 20 years but the media has failed to keep up with this. Most people, white, straight and usually male, feel that the media represents them perfectly and it does. But for the people that are colored, transgender, gay or sometimes female feel that the media does…

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  • Analysis Of The LGBT Community

    sexual minorities, such as people in the LGBT community, against heterosexual people. The healthcare for many people of the LGBT community is not the best and does not support the needs of most of the people included in the community. Many lesbian women and gay men have been diagnosed with HIV over the course of the past few years. Because of their sexual orientation, many times they are unaware or uninformed of the risks they have when having sex with someone. The approach to HIV includes…

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  • Gay Marriage Arguments

    Lately, there has been a big discussion regarding the concept of gay marriage. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community has been fighting against the government, looking forward for public acceptance and governmental laws that would let people of the same sex get married. There are millions of same sex couples in the world who feel left behind because of the lack of equal rights. For example, people from all over the world move to the USA because cultures are rapidly associating…

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  • Character Analysis: Faking It

    I began watching the show Faking It because it was primarily an all gay focused storyline. The premise is: two best friends pretend to be gay so that they can become popular among their very liberal minded school mates, but throughout their journey, one realizes that she might actually be a lesbian. Throw in a majority lgbt cast, real pressing issues, and fun, witty humor and instantly Faking It became my favorite show on air. By the third season I was absolutely obsessed with Amy and Karma’s…

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  • Analysis Of Kinsey

    world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. Not all things black nor all things white” (Kinsey, 1948). Kinsey’s revolutionary scale, as pointed out by Diamond (2008, p. 256), has been massively taken out of context and been divided into rigid “gay/lesbian, straight, and bisexual” categories. Despite Kinsey’s attempt to be anticategorical, we as a society seem to constrict ourselves to categories regardless. I speculate that this because it’s easier to wrap our heads around something if its…

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  • Why Gay And Lesbian Couples Pay More

    One of these benefits is for lesbians. In the article “Why Gay and Lesbian Couples Pay More,” the author mentions a lesbian couple JaChel and Micaela, who have a baby daughter, but Micaela wants to give birth to her second child, yet her single policy wouldn’t be enough to cover all the costs (Brown 39). If gay marriage was legal in their state, Micaela’s status wouldn’t be as “single” and all her maternity costs would be covered. Just because a woman is lesbian, it doesn’t mean she does not…

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  • Judith Butler Queer Theory

    It’s a Saturday night and you’re watching television with your family. A show comes on and it centers around the life of homosexuals. Back in the ‘80s, this show would have been brutally criticized and switched immediately. However, it’s not the ‘80s, but rather 2016 and the acceptance of homosexuals is continuously increasing. This television series would probably be kept on in most households with no backlash or disapproval. The term homosexual is becoming more common to the world around…

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  • Arranged Marriage In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Wife Of Bath

    take place in South Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and many other places. This should not be confused with Forced marriages. In Arranged marriage while the family or friends decide the meeting of the spouses, the spouses agree on their own free will to marry each other. While in Forced marriage the family or friends still decide the meeting of the spouses however, the spouses have no consent whatsoever. These types of marriages were common throughout the 18th century through the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Preventing Five People

    Thanksgiving is coming up so I have to invite some people. This year will be different, instead and inviting thousands of my family members, I will be inventing 5 people cause last year I didn't get any food last time. So I shall be inventing my cousins)Thaila and Etianna, Kendrick Lamar(a rapper), Logic (also a rapper), and Rosa Parks. These people (not my cousins) has rather been an inspiration to me or told the truth in their music. It makes me want to do amazing thing with my life. It just…

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  • Gay Marriage: Should It Be Legal?

    Should Gay Marriage Be Legal? “Tradition alone cannot form a rational basis for a law… The fact that a particular discrimination has been ‘traditional’ is even more of a reason to be skeptical of its rationality.” - Judge Chris Piazza Gay marriage has been a controversial headline that in the past couple years, hasn 't seemed to actually left the news. Why? Well, because our country is discriminative against anyone or anything that is different from the ‘normal’ or quite frankly,…

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