Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

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  • Personal Narrative: What It Means To Be Gay

    memory of learning what it means to be gay was when I was in grade school. I would hear the word being said from my friends and other peers in my classroom. I went to a catholic school my whole life, so the word gay was never taught in the classroom by the teachers. My friends and I would talk about the word during lunch and recess. My family never talked about the LGBTQ because it was against what my family believes in. When I was younger, I would hear the word gay a lot on the television. I…

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  • Jane Edwards's Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage

    Throughout this notion, a child needs the reassurance of both a mother and father figure. Once again, individuals who are ‘for’ gay marriage and parenting will possibly disagree and point out that a homosexual couples does not necessarily need to have children or the case that children will not be affected with same sex parents. As for the argument ‘against' this topic, that is not necessarily the case. In order to build upon this idea of children having both a mother and a father figure as…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Community Stereotypes

    are created from stereotypes, but they are based on opinions and false assumptions; they require gossip. Many groups of individuals have been distorted from rumors and mere talk; it is critical to shed light on the truth of these misunderstandings. Lesbians are a widely misunderstood community…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Same-Sex Parenting

    of gay parenting receives a lot of negative feedback, it still continues to acquire many advocates that continue to fight for the cause. Recent studies at the University of Melbourne have proven the claim that the children of same-sex couples have an above average rate of health and overall well-being (Holliday). When children in same-sex parent families were tested on general health and family cohesion they scored roughly six percent higher than children of traditional heterosexual families.…

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  • Analysis Of But I M A Cheerleader

    This essay intends to analyse the 1999 film ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’. The film explores many different themes with a focus on sexuality, gender and family. It makes use of exaggerated stereotypes, specific costuming styles and set design in order to highlight and emphasise certain aspects of characters and the issues discussed within then film. The story follows Megan who was unwillingly sent to an almost comedic version of a Conversion Therapy camp by her parents; it is from here that the meat…

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  • Stigmatization And The Effect Of Social Stigma On Self-Esteem

    Studies estimate that between one and nine million children in the US have at least one parent who is gay or a lesbian. It is almost impossible to retrieve an accurate count of homosexual parent families because many homosexuals do not openly speak up about their sexual orientation because of their fear of discrimination. There has been a steady rise in same-sex parenting partly due to the increase in availability for same-sex marriage. In many cases the children or child of the homosexual…

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  • The LGBTQ Movement In America

    for change with the Stonewall riot and the Gay Liberation Front influenced by the civil rights movement, feminism, and antiwar movement. The GLF achieved public support for coming out in public, a new expression of pride for the community, and a growth of movement organizations. In addition, the gay rights and lesbian-feminism movements occurred in the 70’s. First, gay rights ultimately resulted in less discrimination and harassment, more openings for gay-themed businesses, and in 1973, the…

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  • How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

    people who oppose it. Many people view that marriage should be between a man and woman while others believe that everyone should have the right to marry whomever they love. Gay marriage has a major impact on today’s society’s, its legality and how it will be affected on the generations in the future. Half of America is for gay marriage because they want to see men and men and women and women happy together. It will decrease divorce rates, on average, same-sex couples divorced at an average rate…

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  • Diversity Interview Research Paper

    Diversity Interview I completed this interview with an old friend, Darian, she is African American and her prefered sexual orientation is female. I have never really given much thought on how different we are, and still believe we are more alike than different. But we do have some rather large things that distinguish the two of us from each other. The major ‘skin deep’ things being she has a girlfriend and is African American. When I first reached out to her about completing this interview I…

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  • Same Sex Parenting Research Paper

    The word family is defined as “the basic unit in society, traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children;” never does it mention specifics to the gender of the parents ("Family." Merriam-Webster.com.). When a child is born, it comes into the world with no social knowledge of right and wrong. An infant only knows the two people that hold him when he cries, that feed him when he’s hungry, and that try to make him laugh and smile. This infant will grow to love these parents in the…

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