Falcon 9

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  • The Future Of Space Travel

    On the fourth launch the Falcon 1 achieved orbit on September 28, 2008. While in orbit, it took high contrast pictures and recorded data that were used in the preparation for launch five. On July 14, 2009, this rocket delivered the Malaysian Razak SAT to orbit. The production cost for this rocket was $7 million (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, 2015). Their next rocket design was the Falcon 9. SpaceX expanded and improved the design of the Falcon 1 to create the Falcon 9. With 17 successful launches under their belt, they received a $1.6 Billion contract with NASA to resupply the International Space Station (ISS) in a total twelve trips. The rocket system is based upon a two stage system. The first stage has nine…

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  • Falcon 9 Research Paper

    SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket made history on April 8, 2016, for it's successful upright landing on an offshore drone in the Atlantic Ocean. Amidst the jovial bouts of celebration, news of damage to the rocket slipped under the radar. The company believes the Falcon 9 will not be able to fly again. Now, skeptics are beginning to ask questions. Is this just a result of poor design, or is there a potential conspiracy to examine? Not to say that UFO's are the direct cause of this, but stranger things…

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  • Falcon 9 Airplane Failure

    One failure occurred shortly after liftoff on a resupply mission to the ISS. The rocket experienced an anomaly and disintegrated, destroying both the rocket and the Dragon capsule filled with precious cargo. The second failure occurred not long after. One of the pre-launch tests performed by SpaceX on every Falcon launch is called the “static fire” test. During this test, rocket is completely fueled and the engines are ignited for approximately 1 second. On this failure, the rocket was…

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  • Spacex's Falcon 9: The Intervention Of Space

    Space programs employ perhaps some of the smartest people that have ever lived. The application of physics, calculus, chemistry, biology and other sciences make this a very complicated subject. There are many companies which have some involvement with space. NASA, the most well-known, is a government run and funded operation. It has been the most successful in its 50+ years of existence. SpaceX is the most popular space company right now. NASA doesn’t launch any piloted missions currently, it…

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  • American Kestrel Research Paper

    Briggsdale Undivided High School The Rustinian Red Bird The American Kestrel Netheniel Langdon Ecology 1022-1 Mr.Kopanke Friday, March 3rd 2017 The American Kestrel The american kestrel is a good looking bird with a few different color variation. This animal is biotic. It comes from the family of falcons. This is the smallest one of the species of falcons. They live in open country farmlands and wood edges. During the breeding season the kestrel may be limited to the…

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  • Bald Eagle Research Paper

    many others are called birds of prey. Eagles, hawks, and falcons are three species of the numerous kinds of birds of prey. One kind of eagle is the bald eagle. The bald eagle is from the genus Haliaetus leucocephalus. The bald eagle's head, neck, and tail are white, and its body is dark brown. Its size is 30-43 inches tall, and its wingspan is 7-8 feet in length. The bald eagle usually lives around coasts, rivers, and mountains. It ranges from Alaska, Canada, to the south of the United States.…

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  • Ophidian Krystal: A Short Story

    actually was, nevertheless I still had to warn everyone seeing that's what the headmistress was doing. Everyone rushed inside and I noticed one child wasn’t present, Victor. Nothing else in mind, I contacted him telepathically asking where he was which turned out to be the shore so that’s where I rushed too. Victor waved at me as I drew nearer and that’s when that same monster from the dream arms pulled itself from the cliff and noticed Victor as well. Willing myself to run faster I realized it…

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  • Falcon Research Papers

    swift bird glides high above you. It's a falcon. Its identity is revealed by its size and shape as it soars across the blue sky. Once the falcon reaches a certain point over the nearby lake, it tucks in its wings and drops down towards a flock of ducks. The ducks take notice of the falcon and begin to scatter. However, for one of the ducks, it was too late as the falcon pierces the duck's flesh with its razor-sharp claws. You stop, apparently taken by the scene to see what will follow next.…

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  • The Thin Man Character Analysis

    need without ever reaching satisfaction” (Erich Fromm). In The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man written by Dashiell Hammett, Hammett displays the high increase of criminal activity that takes place during the prohibition era in the United States. In Hammett’s novels, the characters’ monetary greed leads to negative consequences. As a result of their monetary greed, the characters face death, in-humanity, and betrayal. In both books, money takes a great toll on every character. Although, some…

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  • Sin City Film Analysis

    The overall aim of this essay is to compare the film Sin City with the classic style of film noir to see if there are any differences or similarities between them. The analysis focuses on four concepts that I believe are the most classic film-noir associations. Lighting, Femme fatale, a dark world and the protagonist. Already in the first scene a couple of things are established. The first scene is part of a side story that we only get to see in the beginning and again at the end of the film,…

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