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  • Critical Analysis Of Alone In The Crowd By Michael Price

    A huge question we face today is, “Is technology making us more lonely or is technology making us feel more full?” The author of my article is Michael Price. Price is a science and research writer at San Diego State University. Writing is one of his many skills. He is also skilled in science journalism and communication, research, editing, publishing, and blogging. He earned his Bachelor of Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication from Arizona State University. He earned his Master of Arts,…

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  • Dependency On Technology

    Technology serves a very strong purpose in the world. I say cellular devices have more of an affect with this generation. I can’t walk down the street without seeing someone’s face planted into a screen of any kind. I feel separated from the world even though it’s right at my fingertips. Crazy how something so small can hold so much “knowledge”. Wrap your mind around this, one person sends or receives, on average, 110 text message a day. The average person sends 120 emails in one day. Ridiculous…

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  • Cry: A Short Story

    there was no teacher in the cafeteria at the time. I slammed my hand on the table so hard that that it made everybody in the room go silent. I got up and walked right up to her and my hands went into a fist. She had this condescending smile on her face that every time I think of it, it makes me want to hit her. I started yelling at her, telling her she needed to apologies and that she needed to stop being such a bitch or she was going to loss what little friends she had left. The guys at the…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Epilogue Analysis

    saw the face of Simon saying, ‘You’ll get back to where you came from.’ The boys wept in silence together and bent lowly on the floor, their tears mixing together in droplets on the floor, resembling the two boys finally united. Upon arrival of the cruiser on the Thames River, a group of worried parents were waiting at the port to see their long lost sons. The captain had telegraphed the port who notified the schools that the missing schoolboys were rescued. He saw familiar long lost faces…

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  • Creative Writing: Bloodied Snow Of The Fallen

    remembered of that night before waking up in a partisan camp, in a cot inside a tent. The first face to greet me was him, Ben, he’d…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Gang Of Misfits

    “So are we going to do this or what?” I asked mustering up all the confidence I had left when out of nowhere I am punched from the side. Jordan had broken away from the pack and punched me right in the side of my face, and that is when it all turned. I filled with anger from everything that they have done to me since the beginning of freshman year, it had all built up to this moment just to explode like a volcano. I saw red and was throwing punches like my life…

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  • Avalir: A Short Story

    reflected unevenly off the walls, with no evidence of the source. It took a moment for Larah to realize the light came from the pool. She gathered up her gown and stepped to the edge of the Mirror. Her reflection greeted her. Slowly, her toes touched its face, which rippled slightly. Hesitantly, she broke the surface. Fog billowed around her in tufts and twirls. She could not see the walls of the chamber…

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  • The Book Thief: A Short Story

    on mountains of detritus. Liesel slowly approached the bodies, struggling to put one foot in front of the other. “Mama? Papa?” she whispered, although she knew. They were dead. The book thief grabbed Mama’s withered hand and gently stroked the face of Papa. “Thank you,” she sobbed and started explaining her visits to 8 Grande Strasse. Tears formed around her eyes and streaked down her cheeks, falling onto Hans Hubermann’s scruffy…

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  • Buddha Amoghasiddhi Analysis

    This piece of artwork is known as Buddha Amoghasiddhi with Eight Bodhisattvas, it was created by an unknown artist in the Medieval Period, around 1200-1250. This painting is 27 1/8 x 21 1/4 in. and made with distemper on cloth. Looking at this image, the first thing you notice is Amoghasiddhi. He is the focal point, which is depicted by the size of the figure in comparison to the other figures surrounding him. On each side of the Buddha we see the same amount of figures, this gives off a sense…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles: A Short Story

    “Set!” I hold my breath. Boom! Exploding from my block and gaining speed with every stride, I feel more and more air brush against my face. All the anxiety from crouching back in the blocks is released at once. I focus on my steps. If I can’t approach first hurdle in eight steps, I will stumble and lose momentum. After four or five steps of acceleration, I stand up tall to prepare for the jump. My strides shorten as I approach my eighth step. Last short stride! Now right knee up. Lean…

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