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  • Venus Of Willendorf Analysis

    1. The shape of the Venus of Willendorf is very round with several features exaggerated such as in the stomach and in the breasts. It is given a texture on its head which seems to imply that it's hair though where the face should be appears to be covered by this hair. There also is a few other details in the statute such as having a belly button and having a defined pubic area. The meaning and function of this object can be understood 2. In the Paleolithic painting the humans are rather simple…

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  • Pet Peeves Analysis

    Kimber has long jowls that hang down on either side of her face. This means that…

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  • Creative Writing: A Love Story

    The laboratory door creaks open, with just enough time for the man to heave himself up off the floor. The face of his favorite student materializes before him. "Professor Rob!," she exclaims at the sight of his tattered and burnt lab coat. Rob remains silent. He walks toward his machine with a somber expression, and stares at the hunk of melted metal sitting…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Life Changing Mistake

    The first week of middle school, I made a life changing mistake. It leads me to a very powerful skill I did not even know I had. Sitting in the lunch room I had not been paying attention to who was around me this was to be a very poor decision. Had I been paying attention I would have seen the new kid, Dalton Adams walking by me; preventing the following situation. Up go my arms I feel something make contact with my arm. My head begins to turn trying to figure out what I have hit and to my…

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  • What Is Social Media Bad

    What is social media? Social media is a way for people from around the world to communicate with each other without ever seeing each other face to face . It’s way to express our feelings without the fear of public humiliation. This new fad has become a popular invention that can be used to many advantages or disadvantages. Some of the advantages are that it’s a way to hold a social relationship with someone that you may not have frequent contact with such as family, friends, or people that start…

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  • Personal Narrative-Human Race

    The roaring of the loud crowd surrounds me like an ambush of tigers sucking out my inner anxiousness to paint an impeccable picture of itself on my face. I feel the adrenaline rushing in my blood and crawling creepily at the speed of light to the blood vessels in my face. My temperature rises as if my cheeks were slowly absorbing the heat from a hot stove. I support the weight of high expectations on my shoulder from myself and my family. I get onto my starting block and after every second…

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  • Face During Interpersonal Conflict Essay

    Interpersonal Conflicts: The Importance of Maintaining Face During Adolescence Why is it important to maintain one’s public image or face? Why is it that we as a society form these images? Is it to hide who we are or is it a strategy used to fit in with a given culture? Face theory “helps us understand why and how people construct their public images and the strategies used to maintain or restore these images” (Baxter, pg. 203-204). Symbolic representations or images reflect our knowledge about…

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  • Small People, Big World Reality Show Analysis

    and values. To commence with, this reality show has reminded the general public not to discriminate against people who look physically different or is considered different in any forms. Being dwarfs, there is no exceptions for Matt, Amy and Zach to face discrimination. However, none of them have been defeated by their physical hindrance, instead they demonstrate their own strengths fully in this show. For instance, Matt has made many crafts,…

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  • The Sorrowing Home Homicide Short Story

    “Harrowing, terrifying, broken-down, home of death…” This was the way Henry Camden spoke of the home where the morbid events of his childhood took place. It was a cool, refreshing, early August afternoon when Camden was relaxing on his front porch. He lived in a neighborhood where the sounds of laughter and play rang throughout the streets. On this particular afternoon, the neighborhood was quiet, for it was the sixty-fifth anniversary of an event known as The Harrowing Home Homicide. Charlie…

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  • Atticus Finch A Good Parent Essay

    Ewell came up to Atticus, and barbarically threatened his life and then proceeded to spit in his face. For most people, this would drive you to your breaking point, but for Atticus, all he could do is see the brighter side of things. “I destroyed his last shred of credibility at that trial, if he had any to begin with. The man had to have some kind of comeback, his kind always does. So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella one extra beating, that’s something I’ll gladly take,”…

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