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  • Drunk Off Emotions: A Short Story

    was producing. “You feeling better son?” my dad asks me with a worried voice. “Yes i am, its only as if all my problems had gone away , like my mind was cured of it’s fear and confusions,” i say with such a joy and happiness is portrayed through my face expressions. “There is good and bad times, it’s the cycle of life but when you learn to accept them life will be easier.” “I see that know i feel like i can no longer suffer, i feel grateful for all that i have in life, im not sure what this is…

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  • Jennifer Lopez: Definition Of Beauty

    closest to the camera but the right side of her face is highlighted whereas the left falls into the shadows. Strategic highlighting, as well as the black and white filtering of this photo, depicts a level of class and a hint mystery. The shadowing, to an extent, distorts the models more delicate features, allowing consumers to more easily envision themselves as the face in the photo. The highlighting in the image is placed only on the right side of her face where the product name can be found.…

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  • My Reflection On My Performance

    assignment, I was able to use my resting “pleasant” face to my advantage. My stories were all very positive and upbeat so that positive facial expression was important to maintain throughout the performance. I attempted to use my face to emphasis and engage. To drive a point I tried to crease my brows and narrow my eyes a bit. When telling exciting information or making a little joke, I widened my eyes and lifted my eyebrows to open up my face. I hope all of this came together to help my stories…

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  • Essay On Chaos In Lord Of The Flies

    language in their car. Continuing, social media provides a “mask.” In this era of social media, online dating, and cell phones, people have developed multiple personalities. The internet gives the opportunity to say things that would not be said if face to face with someone. Bullyingstatics.org states, “Over 80 percent of teens use a cell phone regularly, making it the most popular form of technology and a common medium for cyber bullying”. Lastly, cosmetics today allow anyone to cover their…

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  • Verbal Immediacy Scale Test

    I thought. I am initially a very shy person before you get to know me, if I do not personally know you, I won’t initiate a conversation with you. I have had many people tell me that when they first met me they thought I hated them because of how my face looked. My straight or relaxed…

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  • Curley's Wife Ending Analysis

    back obstinately. The insulting expression on the old man’s face grew deeper. “You know nothin’, filth,” the old man said threateningly. He looked at the young woman with the air of vicious hatred. "If my son is where you say he is, it is all your fault. You’re good for nothin’. Now get away from my face, you, mindless bitch!" Flabbergasted and hurt, Curley’s wife recoiled from these words as if the old man slapped her in the face. Her lips parted as if she was going to give the old…

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  • Creative Writing: Senator Donald Welt's Death

    the bullet in his chest Donald felt right at home. Everyone had gathered in the park in his hometown, and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. The trees and grass proudly displayed their green. Cars lined the streets and smiles beamed from the faces all…

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  • Fallen Angel Lab Report

    that were beginning to blossom on his hands. His caramel complexion slowly becoming darker and lighter at the same time. The usual nightmares had not visited him last night; blessing him with restful sleep for the first time in almost a month. The faces in those nightmares were as clear as day. He pressed his hand down to the Stabilizer. After doing this for 16 years, the sting of the Stabilizer was little more than an ant bite. What exactly does the Stabilizer stabilize? This had been the first…

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  • Creative Writing: The Amazing Spider-Man

    A dull ache in his ribs woke Tom from a restless sleep. As his mind became fully conscious, the pain steadily intensified and a low moan escaped from between his lips. His eyes fluttered open, and he stared around the room, his face a mask of confusion. For a moment, he had no memory of where he was, but everything soon became clear when his gaze settled on Booker. The dark-haired officer sat cross-legged on his bed reading a comic book. It was a strange sight to wake up to, and blinking…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Magic In Our Hearts

    standing in front of us with a smile in his face. We just nodded and at that moment it hit me that it wasn 't just him and me, there were many people standing around us. Warm familiar faces, some were smiling, some were tearing up and some were looking at their attire. As the judge finished up with the sentence i now pronounce you man and wife I started to tear up, it just felt so magical. "You may now kiss the bride," came out of the judges ' smiling face. My husband wasted no time, he…

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