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  • Social Compressions In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    What is society? Is it the people we surround ourselves with? Or the those who know next to nothing about us, yet judge? It is human nature to judge people on first impressions. First impressions are very basic and many times biased or totally false because you have yet to “scratch the iceberg of their personality”. That is where social standings come in, most people believe that the more people you surround yourself with, the more social you are, but it’s a mixture of that and also what random…

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  • Jeffery Cohen's Seven Monster Theses By Karen Russell

    In "Seven Monster Theses", Jeffery Cohen develops an idea that “monsters” are essential to society. In fact, they construct what is “normal”, “rational”, and “civilized”. Specifically, “monsters” are foundational to how we view ourselves. “Monsters” contain all the traits deemed unacceptable and odd. It can be concluded that every outlier is a “monster”. In “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves”, Karen Russell tells the story of a pack of wolf girls who are transitioning into young ladies.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Science Vs Religion

    Drawing negative comparisons between science and religion we can say both have created war, starvation, and even disease in societies. germ warfare, atomic weapons, and toxic GMO foods is the flip side of the coin. So, to trust science blindly because we need an alternative to religion is not a good either, we must find a balance. Science like religion is a way of understanding the world around us and how it operates. Science has given us definitive answers and truths about our world such as…

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  • Social Dynamics And Fragility: A Literature Review

    “affective bond between citizens (Chipkin and Ngqulunga 2008: 61)(39), and it is used to promote and protect the wellbeing of society. In the study conducted, the authors look at the dynamics of a fragile society and how the interactions amongst the various groups in that region, affect the response to fragile situations. According to the author, “Convergence across groups in society is essential for reducing fragility” (39-40). This study specifically analyzes the role that social groups play…

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  • Following Social Norms Essay

    deviating from these norms and thus all people take part in what everyone finds to be pleasure. The first sentence states nothing is made certain in this world and thus norms were created because people are unsure of how to go about their lives in society. This unsureness and need for direction is what Heidegger calls the “dictatorship of the “they”” (Heidegger p.234). This being rules and norms that humans follow on a day to day basis. The “they” control how we feel and judge things. The…

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  • There Will Come Soft Rain Literary Analysis

    they use to attempt to avoid failure. Each story also has a slightly different take on the same concept: one reveals it from a point of view of singular person; while the other two craft the view of the concept from the point of view of a certain society as a whole. Also these stories also use very powerful sense…

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  • Perry And Greber Analysis

    and Greber, women performed mathematics using hand calculators during the World War II. Military leaders needed a “calculating machine” to meet the calculating demands of the war. Women’s participation in technological activities was only because society deemed women appropriate for certain tasks. As these tasks became harder and more technology was involved, women became excluded from said tasks. According to Perry and Greber, the use of technology responds to the user who is using it. If a…

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  • Hard Rock Return To Prison Analysis

    Society is the purveyor of indelible, influential people and experiences that have the ability to shape the human race in a magnanimous or deleterious fashion. Since people are the inspiration for experiences, peoples’ effects on society needs to be delineated. There are many classes of people in a society. There are not only passive and active people, but also pacifists and activists. The pacifists are the quiet peacemakers of the society that try to discourage violence. Unfortunately,…

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  • Essay On Diderot Rameau's Nephew Racism

    Race is an entirely arbitrary parameter by which to judge any human being, and it is detrimental to the advancement of our global society to do so in any fashion. Students across our nation are being held back by laws that were created on a foundation of racism and bigotry, which are supported by those who have been indoctrinated with such anti-logical dogma, rather than those who have analyzed their own ideologies and edited them when found to be lacking in any sort of intrinsic value. In the…

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  • Sincere Selfhood In John Steinbeck's In Cold Blood

    Sincere Selfhood It is fair to say that in today’s day and age our identity is often defined by rather shallow attributes such as name, age, or appearance. A common example would be the basic information, like height, weight, and home address that is required on a driver’s license. With that said, one could make the argument that these everyday societal formalities and public perceptions, which are mostly out of our control, do make up our full identity. However, identity is not something given…

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