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  • Michiana Behavioral Health Center Observation

    Three of us visited Michiana Behavioral Health Center or MBHC in Plymouth. Locating a facility proved an easy process but receiving an interview took more time. The facility lacks efficiency in returning phone calls. The Clinical Director, Kim and a staff member, Ron obtained their Masters in Social Work or MSW and Licensed Clinical Social Worker or LCSW among more licenses. The clinical director stated that she supervised programs, activities, and education. She informed us about a…

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  • Heinz Dilemma Essay

    desperate measures. Now, this scenario could be viewed as Heinz Dilemma, a story often told in order to gauge the levels of moral reasoning, but unfortunately, it could also serve as an example of what the United States’ healthcare system has become. Prescription drug prices have been rapidly rising, so much so that they may not reasonably be attainable for the typical citizen. Just in the year of 2014 to 2015, the total amount spent…

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  • Prescription Drug Addiction Essay

    conditions people use prescription drugs hopefully every day but these drugs can also have an addictive effect to them prescription drugs are a rising problem throughout the world and can be gateway drugs for people that misuse or abuse their prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs and example of drug misuse is taking more than what is recommended for you cough syrup is safe until is misused and can cause death in some cases this is just a small example of drug misuse and abuse. Prescription…

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  • Essay On Prescription Drug Abuse

    How would you feel if your family was torn apart, due to addictions to prescription medication? People do not seem to realize how dangerous prescription drug abuse can be. There are more and more people everyday getting addicted to prescription drugs. Yet, no one seems to try to put a stop to it. People of all ages can get addicted, teenagers, adults, or even kids. Addiction is a very dangerous thing. It not only hurts the people who are addicted, but it hurts the people around them too. Yes, it…

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  • Informative Essay: Pain Medication Drug Abuse

    drugs, especially teens, start taking the prescription medication to get “high.” This access often results in drug addiction due to the feeling the drug gives them while taking the medication.…

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  • Importance Of Being A Pharmacy Technician

    One of the most important tasks for me to complete as a pharmacy technician, is the accurate counting of prescriptions. During this situation, I receive written messages from my fellow technicians who have to decode the prescriptions that the doctors will send to us for patients. These most importantly consist of how much of each medication a patient needs dispensed. Occasionally I have to count all over again due to loosing track because of noise in the workplace. For this profession, accuracy…

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  • Safety Process: The Six Rights And Three Checks

    are only stocked behind the counter and, therefore, can only be accessed with authorisation and consent of the pharmacist (Ilene & Christian, 2008). However, it is important to note that the acquisition of drugs in this cluster do not require a prescription by a medical practitioner (Brater & Daly 2014). They include codeine and pseudoephedrine (Australian Government, 2012). Never the less, there are restrictions that are applicable in the event of dispensing medication in this schedule (Brater…

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  • Donald Light Prescription Drugs Summary

    The Risks of Prescription Drugs. New York: Columbia University Press. Donald light is a professor of comparative health at rowan university schools of osteopathic medicine. He received his B.A in history from Stanford University, his MA in sociology at the University of Chicago and a PhD in sociology from Brandeis. He is one of the founding fellows of bioethics and he is interested in the historical roots of institutional corruption and how this leads to the creation of prescription drugs and…

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  • Essay On Should Marijuana Be Legalized

    being underage. Some minors have access to these items by raiding medicine cabinets and taking prescription drugs that belong to other family members, while some may obtain a fake I.D. and purchase these things illegally if it is only sold to people over a certain age similar to tobacco and alcohol. The third con is that people who have gotten the marijuana through legal means can also abuse their prescription. Finally, the last con is that marijuana can cause brain damage, depression, and…

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  • Prescription Drug Abuse History

    Event History in Non-medical Use of Prescription Drugs among a Nationally Representative Sample of U.S. Adolescents" hopes to address the problem of non-medical use of prescription drugs among teens and reduce risk. The purpose of the study was to identify risk factors to aid prevention of NMUPD in adolescents. In particular, the study seeks to use previous demographic and other substance use risk factors that correlate with lifetime non-medical prescription drug abuse in teens. The survey…

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