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  • Analysis Of Alice Walker Beauty When The Other Dancer Is The Self

    However, with a discolored scar tissue blemish on her eye, she no longer felt pretty. The world became much darker for Alice. Alice tone took a change. She explained how she struggled in school and simple tasks became difficult for her. Alice’s peers called her mean names and she was constantly bullied. Her…

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  • Why Do We Kill Animals?

    “A dog, maybe a monkey, only a rat— someone inhuman, less than human, maybe even the same— cries in the dark and cannot bear another moment of pain. He dreams of a place called home but waking remembers it is only a dream. Yet maybe they will think of you with the soap they use to wash away dirt, little sins they forget or choose to ignore, with the powders and shadows they wear to hide truths, or the polish they sweat over so their floors shine just so. Yes, the rest of the world, in its way…

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  • Example Of Perception Research Paper

    experience the real world is one of the marvelous opportunities that we have. This phenomenon starts with light getting in contact with the cornea continuing to the back of the eyes, to the retina, before light goes to the optic nerve and end up in the brain. This process appears to be simple; nevertheless, each little section of the eyes plays a huge role in perception and become indispensable for accurate vision. For example, in the retina alone, rods and cones play a big role in perception. …

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  • Visual Acuity

    is important to not only test the central vison but also at the peripherals of the retina. This is because individuals tend to not notice vison loss at the peripherals compared to central vision as when an individual views an object they move their eyes and fixate on that object by using their central vison and not their peripheral. Visual acuity is highest at the fovea and lowest at the peripheral which ensures high visual acuity at fixation. A way to measure peripheral vision is the Humphrey…

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  • The Purge Advertisement Analysis

    presenting information and providing an emotional response from its viewers. Arguably, no other entertainment industry uses advertising as much as the film industry. Movie posters are released for nearly every movie with the hope that it will strike the eye of the viewer. Film companies aim to appeal to the emotion, which is the definition of the word pathos, ethos, which is through ethical appeal, or logos, which is through logic and reasoning. An example of a movie poster used to appeal to…

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  • An Analysis Of Salvador Dali's Living Still Life

    Living Still Life, painted by Salvador Dali in 1956, is an oil on canvas painting created to express the dynamic combination and complexity of stillness and motion that goes almost unnoticed every day. Viewers are drawn in to observe the masterpiece initially by the bright red, mellow blue, and vibrant red colors used in the scenic view painted before them. In essence, the painting is of a medium length rectangular, wooden table partially extending from a room inside of an apartment or condo,…

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  • Shirley Jackson's The Haunting Of Hill House

    The tradition of the haunted, isolated structure is a well-established hallmark of gothic literary canon. Shirley Jackson’s classic novel, The Haunting of Hill House is definitely no exception, yet the novel roots its terrors within the perceptions of its audience and characters, rather than through explicit depictions of the supernatural. With that in mind, any attempt at a “definitive” film adaptation should adhere as strictly to this concept as possible. The evil of Hill House should be…

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  • Video Games Affect Biology

    Video Games and How They Affect our Biology In the past, there have been many debates on video games and whether or not the effects they can have are beneficial or harmful. Most people would tell you that it is the latter; however, newer research and studies suggest that video games present many more advantages than what one would expect. They have been proven to be of use in aiding those with mental disabilities as well as providing an alternative means of exploration for people with physical…

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  • Funerary Relief

    almond shaped eyes cover the largest amount of space on her face. Above her eyes are carved domed arches that represent eyelids and above her eyelids are engraved bends that serve as eyebrows. Within the oval shaped eye-sockets are two slightly engraved circles depicting the iris and the pupil, and create the impression the woman is glancing to the side. Her nose protrudes from the rest of her face and consists of two vertical linear lines that originate at the inner corner of her eyes and…

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  • Full Bloom Lazzari Analysis

    nature in it's best forms and that's precisely what she did. Taking a look back at the historical value of the painting, the techniques she used gave a greater perception of abstract reality. By gracefully placing each stroke of paint it allows the eye to feel emotion from up-close and even more from afar. Using a 74 by 110 sized canvas, Lazzari formed layers upon layers of acrylic paint to transform what appears to be a flower at full bloom, the peak of its life. Although it is uncertain…

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