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  • Smartphones While Driving

    It has been about two decades since the world`s first smartphone was introduced to the general public. Since then the smartphone has been a part of life among most people in the world. Online statistics show that more than one billion smartphones have been sold and are being currently used by people across the globe which may even be more in number due to un-registered number of smartphones sold in the black market. Smartphone operating platforms have innumerable number of applications which…

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  • A Writers Greatest Tool The Smartphone Analysis

    puts on your eyes. Seventy percent of American adults suffer from some sort of digital eye strain due to the fact they use technology for TOO much (Heiting, Gary, Dr.). Nine out of ten adults spend more than 2 hours a day staring at their phone, six out of ten spend more than five hours, and this is a high cause of digital eye strain (“Problems and Conditions”). When you look at a screen for too long it causes you to blink less than you need to which, in return can cause itchy eyes blurred…

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  • The Observation Of The Restroom In The Classroom

    room to be in. The teacher decorated the whole room as if the kids were inside a jungle. The wall decorations are very fun to look at. … The room was well organized with little shelves and cubbies where she organizes everything where it is at the eye level of the child and it is also reachable for the child/ accessable for the children. It was a cozy room with soft carpets and furnatures. The room has full of exploring things to do once the child steps in. What is your classroom doing well?…

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  • Creativity Vs Plasticity Essay

    developed during the critical period leading to amblyopia condition. On the other hand since individual B has plasticity even after the closure of the critical period, this individual is able to train his lazy eye with certain task and eventually that lazy eye will function as a normal eye as if that individual did not even have…

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  • Sailing With The Sun: Painting Analysis

    This landscape painting of Sailing with the Sun, consists of a blend of yellows, oranges, blues, and blacks. It is a large body of water with the setting sun sitting just above of it. There is a little white sail boat in the water sailing towards the shore. You can see the ripples in the water, showing that the wind is slightly blowing across the top. The dark black mountains in the background give depth to the water and allows you to see how big and deep it actually is. The sky is a reflection…

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  • Research Paper On How To Take Great Pictures

    have compiled a list of some easy to follow tips that will make it much easier for you to take great photos of your little ones. Be on eye level with them A lot of parents make the mistake of taking a photo of their child from a standing position. If you know anything about photography, then you know that the best way to take a photo of a person is from the eye level POV (point…

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  • Light For The World Essay

    international disability and development organization that strives to aid people who have an impediment or disability. They treat disabilities and empower individuals to become active member in society. Light of the World specializes in inclusive education, eye health, prevention of blindness, and community based rehabilitation; through these four concentrations, they aspire to change the world. They are currently engaged with multiple local, national, and international organizations that…

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  • Flawless Eyelashes Research Paper

    hacks for flawless eyelashes Overview Eyelashes prevent the eye from dust, insects, injury and also acts as a form of human beauty. You can look for other ways to enhance the beauty in the lashes by applying mascara or adding thicker and artificial eyelashes. The natural eyelashes are permanent and cannot be shaved due to their importance since they also enable opening and closing of the eye lid. Most ladies like adding mascara to the eye lashes in order to make them look mare darker and enhance…

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  • LASIK Surgery: A Demographic Study

    LASIK surgery associated with Chung Shan Medical University Eye Center, selected in this study. All members were requested that finish changed SERVQUAL polls. Understudy…

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  • Character Analysis: The Tell-Tale Heart

    murdered the old man because of one of his eyes, this is a case of a man who is mentally insane through his own actions. In the story there are many instances in which the killer could be classified as insane, “I think it was his eye! Yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture—a pale blue eye with film over it.” This quote gives the evidence of the reason the killer murdered the old man. If someone would kill a man who had never wronged him because of his eye is a case of mental insanity. The…

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