External carotid artery

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  • Short Summary: The Effects Of Stress On The Body

    The Effects of stress on the body Everyone experiences stress at one point in their life. There are multiple ways stress affects the body. School work, family issues and your job can be perfect examples of stress. No matter how stressed you get it will cause damage to the body. There are two types of stress short term and long term stress. Both do damage to your body. Short tern stress is normal, this is what happens when stress is temporary. Even though it is short term, stress can still do…

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  • SINU Nurse Reflection Paper

    During my first day shift in SINU, my preceptor nurse helped orient me to the floor. After meeting one patient, we were informed of a new admission that we would be taking care of. I was able to listen to Emergency Department nurse give report to my preceptor over the phone. I had the opportunity to go with the charge nurse to transport the new admission from the Emergency Department to our unit. Upon our arrival back to SINU, we transferred the patient from the stretcher to the bed, performed a…

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  • Pulse Pressure Essay

    will increase the pulse pressure. But in some cases, there’s a condition where the pulse pressure is high even at rest condition. In this case, something is not right with the heart condition. This condition may be due to the stiffness of the major arteries. An example is atherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessel’s wall). CONCLUSION The major determinant of the pulse pressure is the aortic compliance and also the stroke volume. The aortic compliance is the ability of the aorta to expand once…

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  • Causes Of Heart Attacks

    is present as a result of a blockage of the coronary arteries, leading to damage or death of the heart muscle.…

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  • Ischemic Stroke Case Study

    temporal lobes are the most prone to suffer from an ischemic stroke due to their shared blood supply. The frontal lobe is located within the anterior cranial fossa, whereas the temporal lobe is situated in the middle cranial fossa. The middle cerebral artery (MCA) is the region of interest as this is the most common site for ischemic strokes. The MCA consists of four sections. The M1 segment consists of lenticulostriate vessels which irrigate the basal ganglia. The M2 segment extends anteriorly…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Exercise

    creates an imbalance of acid. To compensate with this imbalance the body speeds up its breathing taking in more oxygen and it also speed up the heart allowing the oxygen to be transported to the muscle faster. The human body cannot keep up with this for long. Eventually the heart and lungs reach their maximum work efforts and it can only neutralize the lactic acid for a short period of time. This buildup of lactic acid is what causes the muscles to feel fatigued and soar the next day. Once the…

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  • High Blood Pressure Cause And Effect

    There are several causes of high blood pressure (Hypertension) some of which we do not have any direct control over, and yet we can still modify the effects of these factors by ensuring that we pay attention to the things that we do have some control, over. I will discuss both kinds on this page so that by the end you know exactly the kind of things you can easily change to reduce the risks associated with high blood pressure, and you know the things that you cannot change so easily and yet can…

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  • Cardiovascular System Case Studies

    blockage in the arteries of the heart. The common signs and symptoms include- Pain and discomfort in the heart and it may radiate to arm, shoulder, neck or throat. Nausea Fatigue or tiredness Shortness of…

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  • Cholesterol Case Study Essay

    atherosclerosis in the arteries. Evidences show that continue to experience stress could leads to heart attack or…

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  • How To Prevent Heart Disease?

    This buildup restricts blood flow and can block it altogether. Your heart must work harder to push blood through narrowed arteries which increases your blood pressure. This artery narrowing is often the result of eating fatty foods and those high in cholesterol. Diet isn 't the only life choice that impacts heart health. Other behaviors that put you at risk for heart disease include smoking tobacco…

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