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  • Essay On Formal Elements In Movies

    In the film, there are a series of formal elements that help make a film more than just what a person sees. The way you look at a film is called a formal analysis “ film analysis that examines how a scene or sequence uses formal elements- narrative, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, and so on- to convey the story, mood, and meaning” (Looking At Movies p.g 498). Everyone has their own opinions and way they perceive movies. But as a film critic, you observe a movie much more than just…

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  • Mary And Max Character Analysis

    Mary and Max is an Australian film directed by Adam Elliot. Throughout the film many different themes are demonstrated. The journey of pen pals Mary and Max evolves quickly from coincidently finding each other to becoming best friends despite living on the other side of the world. As any friendship, Mary and Max go through their ups and downs which makes them stronger individuals. They share their stories and give each other advice. The use of colour and lighting was a key feature in the pen…

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  • The Outsiders Movie And Book Comparison Essay

    Time and time again people come to the common question of, “Movies vs. books?” Many movies follow their books word for word whether its character development or plot development, whereas other movies change and twist the book’s stories in unimaginable ways, yet people are still faced with the question, “Movies or books?” An example of how books and movies can differ is in the story “The Outsiders” written by S. E. Hinton and produced by Francis Coppola.Although there are many similarities that…

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  • Film Analysis: Exit Through The Gift Shop

    Many people believe that Exit through the Gift Shop is a fairly odd film in general, because of the poor picture quality, and actual production of the film. There is so much more to a film than just picture quality, production, and characters. The most important subject in films is the content and theme. People want to figure out the theme and content so they know what is actually going on in the actual film. Exit through the Gift Shop is a great film and I really enjoyed watching the film, but…

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  • Essay On Gary Sinise

    book we know that Lennie grabbed onto her dress and wouldn't let go so she screamed and ran away. The director did a good job on showing how they escaped and the way they did it. The sound in the hook was very suspenseful and upbeat which showed how well the director did when trying to keep people wondering if the would get caught or not. The sound throughout the movie was good and the director did a good job on putting certain songs at certain times. For example, when Candy's dog got…

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  • Me Before You: Movie Analysis

    Everyone has different relationships with their family, friends, and their specific other. People can see these differences in movies, television shows, and in public. One movie in general that shows these different types of relationship is the movie, Me before You. This movie is about a guy named, Will, who is recently paralyzed, wanted to end his suffering by signing up to the assisted suicide. However, it all changes when his mother hired Lou, a girl with cheerful attitude who was able to…

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  • Cléo De 7 Analysis

    In Cléo de 5 à 7, Varda follows more closely to the filmmaking techniques that are used by most classic Hollywood cinema. The only major difference, other than the context of the film, would be Varda’s use of temporality by having a film set in a two hour time period and of trying to keep the action of the film almost in the exact lifetime of two hours. It takes the idea of Classical Hollywood continuity to an extreme. Another difference is that Cléo takes on more French political issues such as…

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  • In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue Film Analysis

    On February 26th, 2017, Barry Jenkins' sophomoric feature, Moonlight, received the highest accolade of Best Picture, from one of the most prestigious ceremonies to celebrate film, the Academy Awards. In accomplishing two inaugural milestones, the first all-black cast to win such high regard, and the first LGBTQ-topic to be awarded Best Picture, Moonlight in context proves to be a memorable classic in performance, box office (for an independent feature), and universal critical acclaim. However,…

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  • Paul Thomas Anderson Analysis

    Paul Thomas Anderson Version of The Apartment Paul Thomas Anderson is a film director with a very unique style. One important part of his style is his characters. Anderson’s characters are always complex, and are typically very troubled, with strained familial relationships. But, beyond that, his characters are always unique and interesting. He is very particular about choosing an actors to play one of his characters. But, he is able to constantly land top tier actors in his films in large…

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  • The Patriot Compare And Contrast Essay

    The Patriot and 1776 This paper is on the movies ¨The Patriot¨ and ¨ 1776¨. This will show the similarities and difference between the two movies. This will go over what both movies are about. One thing that the two films have that are different is that in The Patriot it's more about the war and what's going on. There is a lot of inaccuracies in the movie so that there was more action. An example of that is when the General of the British Army burns that church that didn't happen…

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