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  • Lazarus's Journey To Hell Essay

    Hell is confusing. One of the greatest preachers in American history, Jonathan Edwards, proclaimed, “The God that holds you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider, or some loathsome insect over the fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked: his wrath towards you burns like fire; he looks upon you as worthy of nothing else, but to be cast into the fire” (Edwards 97). Yet, another great theologian Jürgen Moltmann stated, “In hell the trumpet signalling liberation has already been…

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  • Allister Cummings: A Short Story

    study to rightfully divide the word of truth. (2nd. Timothy 2:15) In any form of combat, there are a thousand distractions to avert our attention. We must stay focused. All around us in our churches, people are becoming distracted from our mission. Evangelism today has become a spectator sport. Only a few are out in our Father’s harvest field while volumes of others, as spectators, sit in the church watching. They have become distracted by good intentions. Let me share a story with you that I…

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  • The Holy Spirit: Who Is The Holy Spirit?

    Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a phenomenal person who performs numerous acts and miracles through us, and assists us in every aspect of our lives if we allow him. The Holy Spirit can be characterized and described in numerous ways. The Holy Spirit is God or co-equal to God, and he is a person. The Holy Spirit can also be described as the Spirit of truth, promise, grace, holiness, glory, the eternal spirit, and a comforter. The Holy Spirit is God or coequal to God. He is part of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Relationship With Jesus

    having our down time I found a neclace with foot prints on it, I know it may seem odd but in a weird kind of way I knew that was God 's way of speaking to me. The night before we were suppose to leave, after we had come back from our last home group evangelism the members of the church sat all the American team in a circle and brought out bowls and placed them infront of us. The leaders spoke to us and his words were "Just as God washed the feet of…

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  • Underground Church Research Paper

    Ibrahim Danladi Mission Shaped Church Reverend Richard Wurmbrand was also known as the "Voice of the Underground Church" or "Iron Curtain St. Paul" was a Romania Minister whose desire to share the gospel of Jesus to his oppressors the Communist landed him fourteen years of torture and imprisonment which he miraculously survived. Rev. Richard arduous story as a prisoner of Jesus has been an inspiration to many including myself and his appeal to believers around the world to support the mission…

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  • British Consumer Culture

    The British Empire at its capstone not only conquered vast amounts of land but in doing so also integrated their traditions as well. Items such as Sugar, Tea, Cotton, and other luxuries from foreign lands were established by the British and became British cultural symbols. These symbols were no longer associated with their native lands and thus became aspects of British Culture. Consequently, this gave rise to the need for an empire in order to maintain the newly integrated cultural ideals.…

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  • Rescuing Jesus By Deborah Jian Lee

    As main stream denominations continue to shrink and modern day evangelicalism has morphed into something more politically and conservatively centered, I found “Rescuing Jesus; How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelism”, by Deborah Jian Lee, enlightening, profound and hopeful as it centers on new, out of the box ways in which people generally pushed into the margins, are redefining their evangelical Christianity. “Evangelicalism is anything but a monolith; it is a…

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  • World History And Philosophy

    World History and Philosophy: Final Paper INTRODUCTION In the beginning, man had thoughts. He had a view of the world and he had God to walk alongside him and shape his ideas. However, there would come a time where God would no longer come down to speak directly to man and his heart. Looking through history, one can observe that men began to have new and different ideas from what God had originally intended. Man began to try to make sense of the world, of his feelings, and of God. Philosophy…

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  • Online Student Website Analysis

    Problem/Opportunity The education industry has evolved with the technology being presented in our society. Now, many individuals turn to online learning as it may be more convenient, especially for the busy and working individual. Institutions face having to prioritize what they are able to offer for student education and put into consideration the service and ease on how an online program runs. Institutions need to keep up the pace with the ever-changing opportunities for online learning and…

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  • Minor Prophets: World Original King James Version Of The Bible

    A Reflection of the Minor Prophets Wake Up Children Wake Up Vol. 1 By Lucille WEAVER Wake Up Children, Wake Up Wake Up Children, Wake Up A Reflection of the Minor Prophets Lucille WEAVER Unless otherwise indicated, all Biblical references and Holy Scriptures within this work are derived from: the New King James Version of the Bible; the International Version of the Bible; the World Original King James Version of the Holy Bible; the Good News Today Version of the Bible, Old…

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