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  • Story Of The Flood Essay

    a moral and righteous man, Noah. As time progressed, however, I realized that other cultures shared many commonalities between The Book of Genesis’s flood, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia and the hit movie Evan Almighty, which made its debut in June of 2007. Throughout this essay, I will delve into “The Story of the Flood” from three various sources, revealing the lessons they share and how they are still relevant in today’s society. The story of Noah and his…

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  • African American Stereotypes In Film

    In the early of 21st century, Hollywood was created a new kind of African American stereotype in the movies. It is called the Magical Negro. The character was played by the African American actors or actress. The role of the character is something beyond the negative stereotype of the Black people. In contrast, it is portrayed the positive stereotype of the African American role in the movie. The appearance of the Black God as the Magical Negro in these two films was not like the bad stereotype…

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  • On Being An Atheist: Article Analysis

    why. Authors Evans & Manis (2009) believe that things that are contingent, requires an answer from the existence (p. 69). However, there is no real reason why individuals exist nor is there an answer for why everything else in the world to exist. Evans & Manus (2009) argue that individuals are important, necessary, and exist, because of the contingent beings. The world and universe are necessary, because of the non-temporal form of the argument (Evans & Manus, 2009). In addition, Evans & Manus…

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  • Response To Mccloskey's Essay On Being An Atheist

    Garden of Eden people have questioned the existence of God, and today that is still relevant and a highly debated topic. There are two types of people in this world; people who believe in God’s existence and people who do not believe there is an almighty God. The people who do not believe in god justify their beliefs by asking if God does exist why is there evil still in the world? Many of these questions will never be answered until we are faced to face with our creator. Even though we we do…

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  • Analysis Of On Being An Atheist By H. J. Mccloskey

    which, often times, innocent people are effected. Again, in response to McCloskey’s claims, it can be said that this is simply not true. Evans and Manis make an agreeable statement when they stated, “What is true, perhaps, is that a good being always eliminates evil as far as it can without the loss of a greater good or the allowance of a worse evil.” (Evans & Manis, 2009, p. 160). An omnipotent being does have a limitation, and that is that even it cannot do what not possible logically;…

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  • H J Mccloskey On Being An Atheist Analysis

    belief is that God is the first cause of present existence on the universe. Cosmological proof allows us to theorize the presence of God, but according to McCloskey the people should not be able to theorize God as he must be all-knowing, invincible, almighty, and even more beyond that. McCloskey is looking for a standing root as a mandatory source for God to be part of the universe. This is because he does not believe that people can be warranted in believing the universe needs a cause. He…

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  • Westward Exploration And Expansion Analysis

    Westward exploration and expansion were motivated by many different factors, focusing on power, dominance, money and spirituality. Spaniards, English, Canadians, Russians and Native Americans all viewed this region as extraordinary, and strived for sovereignty rights. From 1760-1815, many accomplished explores came west looking for adventure, excitement, exploration and for many, wealth. Trade was connected directly with economic success in governments. Many English trappers headed west after…

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  • Allegory In Rappaccini's Daughter

    similar character roles, themes, and motives. These modern authors, while agreeing that “Rappaccini’s Daughter” is an allegory for the Genesis creation story, often disagree over characters’ allegorical identities and the final meaning of the allegory (Evans 185). The only way to understand the meaning of the allegory is to identify each character’s allegorical role. One of the most prominent and important characters within the Genesis creation story, the Serpent, or Satan, tempts Eve into…

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  • The Transformation Of Caesar In William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

    Evan Owens Taylor p.6 JC Paper JULIUS CAESAR In the Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar’s gradual transformation into a tyrant is shown throughout multiple actions. During this story, Cassius and Brutus, long time friends and allies of Caesar, grow the urge to kill him, resulting in a secret plot against Caesar, because they fear he will ruin Rome with his overwhelming behavior of tyranny, although Caesar…

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  • Mongol Expansion In The 13th Century

    Evan Haney Carol Ludlam World History 1 7/13/15 Mongolian Conquest Mongol expansion in the thirteenth century was due to the rule of the Great Genghis Khan who was the chief of the Mongolian empire from 1206-1227.Unification of many tribes along with various battle tactics helped the Khan conquer many lands before his untimely death. Khan learned that terror was a vital weapon in war, which he used much of the time where either you would fight and all the people massacred or you give up and…

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