Eurasian Economic Community

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  • Community Case Studies

    This case study of my community has been extremely interesting for me to research. I was confident that I was aware of the health of my community. I did not think that I would discover too many differences between my Walk About and my discoveries from my research. I was unsure if my informants from my Site Visit would have much to add to my research. Since, I was only aware of my informants at The Salvation Army providing clothes to my community. Now that I have completed my Walk About, my…

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  • Essay On Counterfeit Community

    According to Freie, community is an important concept when considering sociology. He states that a community “is continually changing and adapting to challenges in the environment and is created over time as people form connections with each other, develop trust and respect for each other, and create a sense of common purpose” (Freie,1998, p. 21). Therefore, genuine communities involve human relationships where people are actively participating and cooperating with each other to create self…

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  • Community Detection Essay

    activities. The community detection in such mul- tidimensional social networks has attracted a lot of attention in the resent years. When dealing with these networks the concept of community de- tection changes to be, the discovery of the shared group structure across all network dimensions such that members in the same group interact with each other more frequently than those outside the group. Most of the studies presented on the topic of community detection…

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  • Social Worker Role

    several seek general help and assistance, and majority of the time, many just want to be a part of a community. I understand that the Brampton Multicultural Community Center offers help to clients in many of these areas. As a volunteer, I would want to be involved in as much as possible; I would like to experience everything that the BMCC offers. I believe it would be a great way to interact with the community, while also providing me with a way to a help, shape, and improve the lives of those…

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  • Community Identification Report

    benefit of the community. Although the neighborhood that surround the church is a low income neighborhood, it needs programs such as: First time home buyers, mentoring , housing, computer, seniors, youth summer feeding, financial consulting, legal assistance (minor), young adult awareness. These programs will enlighten and educate the community and all ages will be able to participate. Even though CPBC have dedicated members who have committed to volunteer their services to serve our community.…

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  • Chief Duties Of A Police Officer Essay

    In a policing agency there are a number of changes that happen daily or monthly but when these changes happen they have to be communicated down or out to everyone so that all officers are doing the same thing no matter what shift they work. Although, there are a number of officer who work on different shifts as well as off of work on certain days but there is a way to make sure that every officer gets this information. Therefore, the Chief of police or the Sheriff can deliver these changes in a…

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  • Individualism In Community

    Community spirit, also commonly referred to as the sense of community, is generally defined as “a feeling that members have of belonging, a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group, and a shared faith that members' needs will be met through their commitment to be together” (McMillan & Chavis, 1986). A strong sense of community can have positive effects on both individuals and communities (Kloos et al., 2012) and participation in the community is a fundamental aspect of a good…

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  • Situational Awareness In Social Work

    basis in which an augmentation in services occurs or when a change in policy is needed. When a deep understanding of an environment is developed, social services can be tailored to address the needs of the community. In order to produce a rounded illustration of clients and the deficits of a community, social workers cannot be complacent in practice. Situational awareness provides a keen mind in the field. “Environmental contexts can support development through the provision of resources or…

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  • Reflective Essay On Community Nursing

    The Community Nursing (3QQ3) course has been an eye opening journey for me in to the world of community nursing. At the start of the initial course doing the practice tools I was quite apprehensive and had no idea what to expect. It was hard in the early few weeks to see how this course would evolve. But, as I became oriented and more familiar with the community the bigger picture began to form. Indeed, the windshield survey was a great tool to assess our community. This was an assessment unlike…

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  • Personal Case Study: Ashley's Home

    Ashley discussed her living environment in strictly positive terms. She began by explaining her beautiful neighborhood with tree-lined streets. She emphasized the neighbors’ companionship and assistance in her neighborhood. Ashley described her home as a cozy home that is large, but not too large, adding that her kitchen and the family room are her two favorite rooms in the house. The kitchen is “L” shaped, with a large island in the middle. She explained this layout has plenty of room to cook…

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