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  • Dystopian Overmedication In Lois Lowry's The Giver

    In this story, each citizen has to receive a specialised pill once their Stirrings (which is a euphemism Lowry uses for "puberty") start. These pills, much like many narcotics available today, simply eradicate primal emotions from the person's mind. They take away the unpleasant feelings, but also the ones essential to humans. Because of this medication…

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  • Glee Language Analysis

    language elements than women’s elements. Brittany has more women features of language than men features of language. Nonetheless, in Santana’s case, even though men’s language is dominant, she also still has women style in using taboo words, which uses euphemism form of taboo language. This therefore, shows that Glee season 3 does not follow the notion of how homosexual…

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  • Because I Could Not Stop For Death Analysis

    experience. Afterwards, she then tries to think positively of what she can do to feel the same way when she is alive. As this happens, she spots significant symbols that represent her life. In the fifth stanza, the narrative figure uses euphemism as a way to symbolize the mysterious places that she encounters at her time of death. As she makes her journey, she first describes the “House” (Dickinson 679; Stanza 5, Line 17). It is used to describe a grave where her body will…

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  • The Great Gatsby Rhetorical Analysis

    The dashes emphasize the empty ending left behind in hollow dreams. Furthermore, Nick mentioned, “Probably it was some final guest who had been away at the ends of the earth and didn’t know that the party was over” (Fitzgerald 179). He used an euphemism to say Gatsby was dead by simply stating “the party was over.” These exorbitant parties were Gatsby’s way of climbing up the social ladder, hiding his new wealth, and conquering Daisy. He worked so hard to gain social status and never gained any…

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  • Figurative Language In George Orwell Essay

    The Timelessness of George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language Regardless if the individual reads Newsweek religiously, or educates themselves on even the personal lives of presidential candidates, politics are bound to mislead the viewer. The language used in civics depicts calculated personas that distort all potentially controversial aspects of the speaker. This has been the case throughout the history of not only America, but the world. George Orwell, celebrated British novelist of…

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  • Unethical Use Of Torture Essay

    protecting the rights and dignity of the people. Yet under congressional or executive orders done in secrecy, the government may use torture as long as it be argued as a necessity. The phrase “enhanced interrogation techniques” have become the euphemism for the for the United States government’s methodical use of torture by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during interrogations of detainees, persons held in custody. This is a topic that has not been in the center of the media’s attention…

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  • Dishonesty In Modern America

    stars yielded their fame from some version of a scandal. Furthermore, as our society has come to expect deception, we too have sought reasons to justify its presence. Lying is no longer considered lying; rather, we have begun to utilize countless euphemisms to detract from the severity of our dishonesty. It is evident that deception is growing not only in severity, but frequency. The routinization of dishonesty is a trait our society is much too familiar with, and it is of crucial importance…

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  • Asymmetrical Warfare In Najmah's War

    (AGG) “Asymmetrical warfare is a euphemism for terrorism, just like collateral damage is a euphemism for killing innocent civilians.” a quote from Alan Dershowitz which connects directly to the novel. (BS-1) Similarly, an act of pragmatic collateral damage caused Najmah to lose and subsequently search out her family. (BS-2) This same empirical bombing prompts Najmah’s distrust of people. (BS-3) Finally, a practical bombing kills Faiz, creating lack of communication which causes Nusrat to…

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  • Hidden Transcript Analysis

    Public transcripts are characterized by the state sanctioning of certain idealized forms of action that citizens should take, and are demonstrated in social norms of politeness, parades, and holidays. Hidden transcripts are characterized by the private critiques of the official transcripts and are put into action through rumors, gossip, ritualistic aggression and the creation of autonomous space form the oppressed population. Coded transcripts are the attempts of people to ascertain how…

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  • Appeal To Ethos Pathos Logos

    Appeal to Pathos: Examples: “You will surely make your dear mother happy should you make her breakfast.” “When you finally leave for college, I will be the only child left. I’m sure I will find myself all alone far more often, all without a fleeting bit of hope left. The last one left, that’s me. ...College awaits, no?” “Following your arrival to the party, you will promptly sign-up at the toll booth so that you may pay your admission. Those who do not will find themselves with a nice…

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