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  • Vera Ione's Eulogy For Her

    To have lived well, laughed often and loved much To have gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children To have filled a niche and accomplished a task To have left the world better and to have appreciated earth’s beauty and not failed to express it To have looked for the best in others and to have given the best of yourself That is achievement. We mourn the passing, celebrate the life and reflect upon the achievements of this amazing woman, Vera Ione Kinney. It is our hope that…

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  • Creative Writing: Eulogy For Carmella May

    Eulogy for Carmella May (By Lauren Wigal) Carmella Jewell May was a wonderful girl. She brought light to many peoples' days. She especially made my day. We were the best of friends. I loved her so very much. Now I am not really sure but I think she would have wanted me to tell everyone about this. For quite a while Carmella had a large crush on Isaac Timothy Radcliffe. Yeah, you, Zack. Uh-huh I see you in the front row. She was head over heels for you. She was quite depressed when she thought…

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  • Eulogy For Jus Finch Essay

    We are here today to remember a very good man by the name of Atticus Finch. I am Scout Finch, Atticus’s daughter. I am very honored to be given this chance to speak at his funeral. Atticus Finch was a wonderful Father to me and Jem. Not just a wonderful father but also a good and generous person. He showed us the good in people and helped us try to understand the world we live in. He was a different type of father for Jem and me, but he was the best father we could have asked for. He taught us…

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  • Eulogy To My Father Analysis

    This is a tribute is to my uncle Dominic who died April 20th, 2012. My uncle was 43 years old before he passed away, he was auto mechanic at the time. Cars were his passion, he loved all kinds of cars, but there was one car he always in mind. This was his dream car and he always told me how one day he would save up enough to buy it. Sadly, he never got to save up enough money to afford it, his family were going through financial struggles and he always put his family before anything else. My…

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  • An Example Of A Eulogy For My Father

    I met my father in law Marty fourteen years ago, and upon meeting this man I knew instantly we would get along. We both enjoyed sports and joking around, matter of fact the first thing he said to me when I met him is “wow she started dating white guys again.” I being a jokester myself just chuckled shook his hand and thought I am going to like this guy. I dated my wife for around six months before we got married; on our wedding day my soon to be father in law asked us if we were sure about…

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  • Creative Writing: Eulogy For Emily

    Mother, forgive me for making you wait so long for another letter. I fear I am still very tired from the accident with the bridge. Not to worry, though, I am getting better. I must ask you, once again mother, please let me down from the pedestal you have placed me on. While I am flattered by all your more than kind words, I implore you to cease the sweet-talking. I am not worthy of most of your compliments, for no one is truly as perfect as you claim I am. People might think lowly of me if all…

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  • Eulogy Of John Papa John

    Introduction: John Papa John started off his lecture by giving us a little bit about his background. He is originally from Greece; he is an immigrant and takes pride in it. Him and his mother came to America on a boat with his mother speaking no English. He grew up in Mason City, Iowa where he started kindergarten. He said he failed kindergarten twice, mainly because he didn’t know much English. Childhood: In Mason City he lived with a diverse group of people. His dad owned a grocery store…

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  • Personal Narrative: Eulogy For Father

    Albert would’ve turned 31 years’ yesterday, but he died 5 years ago. He left our house when he was 18, I was 5 years old. My family never forgave Albert two things: the fact that Albert left the house, and the fact that he died. I live in one of the big Victorian houses near a river. The house has spacious rooms, tall ceilings, and fancy furniture. In the front part of the house there are pines and walnuts, and behind there are my mother roses. My mother cultivates and grows her plants with a…

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  • Graduation Speech: Eulogy For A Friend

    All I can say is thank you for giving me a chance and believing in me. It means a lot for you to try to reconnect and be a part of my life. When you took Jill's side without giving me the opportunity to share my side I felt it was pointless to try to prove myself to you because you should have already been on my side since we're family, since you have shown that you're trying I know can share what Ashley and I have already been planning for Aubrey. Jill is lying and keeping Aubrey from having a…

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  • Graduation Speech: Eulogy For Father

    Today, my dear mother asked me if I wanted to get married, but I don’t want to get married at the moment. I honestly have not given any thought about it. Mother reminds me that she got married and had children around my age. My mother and nurse talk to me that it’s time to find a man, settle down and have children. My nanny and I were very close. My mother and father weren’t around much when I was growing up and we formed a really strong bond. I feel that she will support me on whatever I…

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