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  • The Importance Of Ethnocentrism In The Nacirema Community

    Ethnocentrism is “the practice of judging another culture by the standards of one’s own culture” (Macionis). Cultural relativism is “the practice of judging s culture by its own standards” (Macionis). It is trying to understand the culture based on the customs within it. It is trying to understand a culture by accepting it and not using your own culture to judge theirs. It is difficult because the person must remain objective and not critique it. Ethnocentrism is used to find the similarities…

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  • Ethnocentrism: Cultural Discrimination In Nazi Germany

    During mid 19th century in Germany after Adolf Hitler came into power13 billion numbers of innocent Jews were killed. They were taken to concentration camps set by the Nazi Germany ruling party. The main purpose of these champs was to starve the prisoners to death. Some of them were locked in the dangerous chambers of factories where there would be poisonous gas. Several Billion Jews were killed by imprisonment in these poisonous gas chambers. How a Human could become that cruel towards other…

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  • Examples Of Cultural Ethnocentrism

    Throughout the world there are many different types of societies and cultures that have completely different ways of life. Throughout these cultures they have their own beliefs, values and morals. Many of the practices that certain cultures participate in are very controversial around the world. People are torn between seeing these topics in cultural relativist ways VS. ethnocentric ways and they question whether to see it as just a part of the cultural or a human rights violation. Each day…

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  • Ethnocentrism In Business Ethics Case Study

    December 2017 Ethnocentrism in Business Ethics Ethnocentrism in sociological terms is the belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture. Ethnocentrism can also be defined as the tendency one has to view outsiders or alien groups or cultures from the perspective of ones own. We see many effects of ethnocentrism in politics, business, and even our day to day lives. In the following paragraphs I am going to analyze and interpret the effects of Ethnocentrism has on…

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  • Hypothesis: Ethnocentrism, Competition, And Differential In Power?

    Writing Assignment #2 1. Noel Hypothesis characterizes three features: ethnocentrism, competition, and differential in power. If all three characteristics are present in a contact between groups, subsequently minority groups will be formed. If one or two characteristics are instant, then some unequal treatment between the groups will occur. Black Africans/African Americans and Native Americans contact situation with colonists can be described by all three characteristics, only that Native…

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  • How Does Ethnocentrism Affect Self Concept

    situations for what they really are can have a positive effect and help you grow as a person. The way you judge other groups and compare them to your own culture is called “ethnocentrism” If you break it down, “ethno” refers to “ethnic” and “centro” refers to the central starting point. I am going to dissect the way ethnocentrism has inadvertently affected my self-concept in a positive and negative way. I will explain why I do not think very highly of myself but how I am changing for the better.…

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  • The Importance Of Consumer Ethnocentrism On The Automobile Industry

    Consumer ethnocentrism is defined as beliefs held by consumers regarding the consumer appropriateness and morality of purchasing foreign-made products (Shimp and Sharma, 1987). In China, Chinese consumers claim that purchasing domestic brands is the right thing to do…

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  • Ethnocentrism: The Role Of American Imperialism In The 19th Century

    ethnocentric views and their desire to join the global sphere of influence and maintain it by trying to surpass the amount of imperial European states. Ethnocentrism was very popular in the late 1800’s, and prompted America to make a move toward imperialism. However, this mindset does not infuse with the concept of imperialism well. Ethnocentrism…

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  • How Does Pojman Link Ethnocentrism To Relativism Case Study

    1. How does Pojman link ethnocentrism to relativism? Pojman first gives the definition of ethnocentrism, explaining that it is basically the belief that your own culture is superior, similar to racist belief we have seen in this country for many years that suggests that whites are superior to any other race. Ethnocentrism is believed to be a bad thing. As we have accepted this belief we grow more accepting of the idea that there are no morals that are superior to others, nor rights or wrongs,…

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  • Stereotypes Of Personal Relationships

    Initiation of the relationships and maintaining them is one of the most challenging and necessary functions of human survival. The self-concept and self-esteem of a person is highly linked with the substance of relationships with others. People use feedback they receive from the relational partners to assess themselves. It is stated that “the only way we know ourselves is thought our relationships with others” (Neuliep J. W., 2000, p. 274). Regardless of one`s cultural origins, relationships…

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