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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On My Last English Class

    this classes. The four essays I wrote for ENG1100 were a big experience on different area of writing. I have learned to analyze, narrate, research before writing. The four essays I wrote were different from each other, and the difficulty level also varied in each one. This class made me confident in the formal writing field.…

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  • Personal Essay: My Writing Process

    Everyone has his or her own writing process. I believe that my writing process is ambitious because even though I struggle sometimes trying to get started, I don’t panic because I know that I will figure it out eventually. My writing process is like hitting a brick wall but once I get started I find my writing interesting. From the readings, I learned to write everything down in my first draft and not be ashamed of what I write. As you walk into my bedroom, the first thing that you see is my…

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  • Narrative Essay On Eat Pray Love

    The summer prior to my junior year in high school, I read your book Eat Pray Love. I honestly went into it thinking about the easiest and most interesting book I could find to read for my AP Language and Composition class summer homework. After doing some research online I found your book and I fell in love with the idea of traveling and finding yourself My wanderlust forced me to order your book and wait the three days it took Barnes and Noble to ship it in. In case not everyone knows, being a…

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  • My Personal Essay On Speech And Debate

    Speech and Debate When I got into high school, the one class I really wanted to take was Speech and Debate because I rather enjoyed arguing with people. I was not able to join it my freshman year because of band and other classes that I had to take. I did get a small taste of it, though, with Mrs. Thorne. It was a little bit less of an Honors English class and more of a demo Speech and Debate class. This year, when I went to go and decide my classes, I saw that my fourth period was open and I…

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  • Ken Macorie's Essay: The Poision Fish

    The red pen marks over trivial grammatical errors, the demand for “purple words,” and the fancy language of textbooks are translating the writing of students into a language that hardly resembles English. This phony and pretentious “Engfish” language has become the primary language of schools, because teachers have unknowingly been training young writers to use it. Ken Macorie, a past editor and professor at multiple universities, witnessed this writing style firsthand and was able to define the…

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  • Foil Characters In Romeo And Juliet Essay

    In a story, characters play one of the biggest rules. They start the conflict, fix it, and add more to it. It is easy to pick out a main character, supporting characters, or even minor characters. However, foil characters are a little less noticeable. In the common play, Romeo and Juliet, there is a number of foil characters to be picked out. The definition of a foil character is “a character that shows qualities that are in contrast with the qualities of another character” (Literary Devices).…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Role Of Literacy In The Classroom

    Literacy If one were to walk in to any class room, whether it be a kindergarten class, or a lecture hall at Stanford, you can ask the instructor what the most important trait a student must have to succeed or excel in life, and the answer will most always be, Literacy (the ability to read and write.). However, that is one trait, which I have personally always struggled with, that is until my first paper sophomore year. When I was growing up, I learned to read and write at a very young age. I…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Secret Life Of Bees

    English is like a skill, it is a necessary class, all students must take in order for them to advance in their writing, vocabulary, and speech. As a young child, I struggled immensely in my English classes, but ever since I made the decision to come to Infinity Early College High School I have excelled in every category there is in English. I’ve learned many beneficial things throughout this semester, starting from things like analysing a book to creating my own hero’s journey story and even…

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  • My Reflective Essay: My Experience With Writing

    My experiences with writing have been somewhat limited until I signed up for English 101. I have to admit that English was not my favorite subject in school. I never felt like I was any good at writing, and spelling is still not my strong suit. I always felt like I was better at math. My attitude towards writing was my biggest hindrance to my success. I had no idea about the lasting effects that were going to happen from taking English 101. As I look back on my past writing I can see where that…

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  • Reflective Essay: What I Learned In My English Class

    There is nothing like the motivation I feel when I get my essay back and it is precise and well-written with a good grade. All the effort and hard-work put into a paper is so rewarding. The rewards are experience with writing and the motivation is to keep getting better. Writing is not one of my best subjects but I strive to do better. What drives me to become a better writer and reader is doing well in my English class because I want to be confident when I write, understand when I read, and…

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