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  • Example Of Literacy Essay

    Literacy Essay My stomach churned with anticipation as my classmates and I gathered for an interactive reading assignment we called, popcorn reading. The most dreadful moments of my middle school career were spent in agonizing pain trying to pave my way through Ms. Orellana’s reading class. Soon I knew it would be my turn to try to muster words from a book in which I had no interest in , all while hiding the fear of reading aloud to a group of people. As the words came flowing with no…

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  • Covergirl Reflective Essay

    In this essay, I evaluated the persuasive techniques in a CoverGirl advertisement. In my claim statement regarding the advertisement, said that I CoverGirl had designed a successful advertisement by using proper placement, emotional connection, and celebrity endorsement. I do feel pride in my claim statement, for the ad I was analyzing strongly use all these techniques. The aspects I would revise my claim statement would be italicizing the magazine’s name that I found my advertisement. When I…

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  • TIQA Reflective Essay

    first proper thesis statement I ever wrote in english class was for my Life of Pi essay. The first time I wrote it, it was awful. It was far too inside the story. Instead of discussing the general idea Martel was trying to get across, I attempted to talk about the tiger and Pi. After i had Ms. Wagner read over it and give me some ideas on how to fix it, I fixed it up, got the lesson/idea across, and thus shaped my essay quite well because of it. The finished product went as follows, “Using…

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  • Essay On Literacy Analysis

    form and write letters. Stage two is like a developmental stage. It was the most important part of my literacy development. It encompasses from post kindergarten all the way up to high school. During this stage I learned words, basic sentences, and essays as well as reading. I have had the program similar to “Hooked on Phonics”, started a reading encyclopedias and books, etc. Finally, stage three, which is like a fine tuning and expansion stage. This stage is still in progress. It deals with me…

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  • BRCC Reflective Essay

    “Be who your are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind “Dr.Seuss said.I'm a college student at Baton Rouge Community College in English class we were ask to write an argumentative essay on three changes we want to make at BRCC and why? At first when given this assignment my first reaction was UGG!couldn ’t he come up with something better then that topic.I sat dazed into space for a minute then a light went off oh that’s easy since he asked…

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  • Freshman Composition Essay

    teachers and coming up with an essay at the top of my head that properly fit the space requirement and prompt that I would then turn in the day it was due. However, since I began taking Freshmen Composition I, I have found that it is not only immensely wearisome to improvise five to seven pages on the spot, but also nearly impossible when the essay requires exact textbook and outside sources that must be cited on a work cited page. To be quite honest, I did not…

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  • Essay: The Writing Process

    How does one write? How does one write a whole essay, or a book, or anything, for that matter? There is a type of process to write anything. What is this process? What are the steps to help you get through this process? I have always struggled with writing essays and they’ve never come easily to me. I used to sit in my room, in the middle of the night, just staring at a screen, for what would feel like hours. Wondering, “When am I going to finish this paper, or even, start it?” The writing…

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  • Reflective Essay Strength

    For example, in every essay I would receive a comment from either the TAs or Dr. Clermont that would say something like “Good hook!”. My favorite opening sentence is from my Discourse theory essay “Burying Bodies is a One Man Job: How ’Grass’ by Carl Sanburg Highlights the Violence Perpetrated by Humans Through Parts of Speech” which asks the audience to consider…

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  • Ebola Persuasive Essay

    I wrote an essay, What Methods Would Effectively Prevent the Spread of Ebola?, that identified ways to stop the spread of the Ebola Virus. Every month there is a new, highly talked about topic of interest. These past few months, this topic was Ebola. It became one of the most talked about topics in Fall 2014 because it was brought to United States from Africa, where it has been an ongoing epidemic. Many citizens feared for their lives about what was to come. When talking about Ebola it is easy…

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  • Essay On Informative Genres

    photo essay is an essay, which contains photos, and very little text. A news article can be seen as part of the informative genre, but if the news article also contains little text and numerous photos, it can also fit into the photo essay genre. Furthermore, a genre can depend on the view of the audience, whom also may be considered authors according to Michel Foucault. For example, one reader may view an essay as informative, but another reader may view the essay as persuasive. In this essay…

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