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  • Symbolism In Revelation

    Revelation, an apocalypse, is one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible. In this book, John describes heavenly wisdom he received from an angel. Readers often have a difficult time understanding this book because John depicts the supernatural world through many strange events and symbols, and scholars debate the legitimacy and context of John’s vision. Upon further reading of the text, it appears that stories in Revelation should be taken literally and that the events are predicting…

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  • Views Of Heaven And Hell According To Christian Theology

    Views on Heaven and Hell According to Christian theology, multiple views of heaven and hell have been explored. Some suggest a metaphorical approach, as others present a more literal perspective of what the Bible says. It is very clear throughout Scripture that there are exclusively two destinations dependent on our faith in God. Knowledge regarding what comes after our earthly lives is essential, so we will be more capable to share with others. God has a well thought out plan for our eternity…

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  • John Book Of Revelation

    John writes the book of Revelation to testify “to everything he saw” of the testimony given to him by Jesus Christ. He recorded his vision from Christ “for the benefit of…Christians throughout history”. He wrote to the seven churches in the provinces of Asia to urge his readers to “be ready at all times for the Last Judgment and the establishment of God’s kingdom.” While Revelation is not, as some assume, a secret code to unlock the future, it is a great resource to Christians so that they…

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  • Millennialism In Israel Analysis

    In that view, the church replaces — or as they would say — “fulfills” — Israel. There is no further national program for Israel nor is there a future earthly kingdom lasting for 1000 years with Christ ruling from Jerusalem. This millennial (which means 1000 years) view is called Amillennialism (meaning: no literal millennium). I reject that view in favor of what’s called Premillennialism which basically says that Christ will return before the millennium to set up His 1000-year kingdom on earth.…

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  • Daniel Tribulation Period

    Daniel’s 70 weeks lay out God’s plan for the nation, Israel (see Daniel 9:24-27). According to most scholars within both the Dispensational and Covenantal camps, the Messiah (Jesus) is cut off (crucified) after the 7 and 62 (7+62=69) weeks. These are weeks of years, not days. Dispensationalists teach a parenthesis (2000-year gap) between the 69th and 70th week, which becomes the church age of grace, essentially starting from Christ’s resurrection and extending all the way until the rapture of…

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  • The Mark Of The Beast

    2.) There is nowhere in the text that says this number is to be used to find out the identity of the Antichrist. Most futurist scholars would probably agree that by the time the Mark of the Beast is instituted, it won’t be a huge secret who the Antichrist is, especially to the saints living at the time of the Mark of the Beast. Contextually, it is clear from this passage that the Antichrist has already reached the place where Satan has come down to earth and is possessing the Antichrist (verse…

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  • Revelation Book Interpretation

    Introduction The book of Revelation, referred to by many other names, the Apocalypse of John, Revelation to John, or simply Revelation is final book of the New Testament. Moreover, Revelation crosses three literary genres including epistolary, apocalyptic, and prophetic. Due in part to the variety of Revelation, it should come as no surprise that there are a multitude of different views on the interpretation of Revelation. This paper will focus primarily on four of the main viewpoints, Preterist…

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  • Caiaphanes In The Son Of Man By John J. Collins

    Daniel utilizes a new introductory formula in this verse to focus the attention of the reader to the climax of the visions of the beasts. From this group of ten horns, comes up “another horn, a little one” which displaced three other horns. This little horn had “eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.” Nothing specifically is said about the nature of what is being said, however, within the Bible’s wisdom literature, through the eyes or speech of a person, their…

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  • Ethical Behavior Of Donald Trump And The Mark Of The Beast

    The most shocking thing is the public’s reaction to Trump’s unethical behavior. Most people do not seem to care and his supporters seem to rather enjoy it. We have now entered the end of the postmodern age where truth is replaced with emotion. If something so small as a criticism of one’s hands or fingers can send Trump into a never-ending obsessive tirade, what would happen if genuine Christians throughout the world went on a relentless campaign targeting Donald Trump as Satan incarnate? Again…

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  • Antichrist Informative Speech

    The antichrist is not who we always perceive him to be. If the truth be told, it could be our neighbor, the man or woman that we work with everyday, the friend we hang out with or our family members. One of the biggest antichrist entity that’s before us and knocking at our door, is Isis, an Islamic antichrist. Individuals mind are being poison by this system, and many are being killed for their religion. The best way to prepare for the reign of the Anitchrist, and the end time I to open your…

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