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  • Religious Fundamentalism

    Introduction Religious fundamentalism, according to Riesebrodt, quoted by Samuel (2015),is an urban movement directedprimarily against dissolution of personality, patriarchal notions of order and social relations and their replacement by depersonalized principles. There are different types of religious fundamentalism too: Islamic fundamentalism According to Munson (2014), there is a variation of the character of Islamist movements throughout the world. While some Islamists resort to terrorism,…

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  • Doctrine Of The Trinity Essay

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God…And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:1, 14, English Standard Version). In this verse, it states that Jesus was God, and was with God from the beginning. He then came down and lived on earth as a man. Many years ago this actually happened. It is a fact written in history. Jesus was a man. Jesus came down from heaven. The deity and humanity of Christ is one of the most important parts of the Christian…

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  • Openness Theology

    In recent years, new theologies have risen to answer the questions concerning the existence of God and evil. Openness, Love, and Essential Kenosis theologies offer an explanation for evil; however, there are several issues within these theologies which cause concern. Their answer redefines omniscience, teaches that God cannot be a sufficient cause, and stresses the proper way to understand God is only through love. These views have direct implications on the inspiration of Scripture and God’s…

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  • The Anti-Christ Book Report

    It is safe to say I have read a few books on eschatology/prophecy (study of the last things). Many describe The Antichrist as a mastermind without differentiating between a mastery that stems from wisdom and understanding, and a “cunning” that proceeds from craftiness and wickedness. They are not the same. The latter is a mastery of foolishness. The Antichrist is anti-Christ. Although in appearances, he may try to imitate him, in reality, he is everything Christ is “not”. Where does wisdom come…

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  • Analysis: The Authentic Scripture

    The Authentic Scripture In my understanding of the scripture, and its original form of the manuscripts, this is known as the inspired and infallible word of God. The Scripture is the product of the Holy Spirit divinely inspiring chosen men to write God’s desired message (2 Tim. 3:16-17 ESV). The bible holds the inspired words of God; it is consequently without error completely. The Scripture should only be used as an authentic source of God’s authority in all aspects of one’s life. The word…

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  • Apollo Space Program

    America constantly seeks to be the global leader in every field on Earth, and following the Mercury and Apollo space programs it is was clear that America was at the forefront of that which was outside of Earth as well. Apart from more prestige and scientific knowledge through America’s triumph in the space race, a deeper connection between the individual and the grandeur of the cosmos become evident. Astronauts and spectators of the Mercury and Apollo missions gained a new perspective of their…

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  • Hans Urs Von Balthasar's Influence On Religion

    Hans Urs von Balthasar was a Swiss theologian born in Lucerne to a well-established family. Von Balthasar joined the Society of Jesus in 1929 upon the completion of his dissertation. At the leading of Henri de Lubac, von Balthasar studied Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, and Maximus the Confessor where he discovered a hope for the salvation of the world. During his time as a chaplain in Basle, von Balthasar met the protestant theologian Karl Barth, who would go on to become close friend and major…

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  • Rescuing Jesus By Deborah Jian Lee

    As main stream denominations continue to shrink and modern day evangelicalism has morphed into something more politically and conservatively centered, I found “Rescuing Jesus; How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelism”, by Deborah Jian Lee, enlightening, profound and hopeful as it centers on new, out of the box ways in which people generally pushed into the margins, are redefining their evangelical Christianity. “Evangelicalism is anything but a monolith; it is a…

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  • Hammurabi Language Analysis

    1. Law and the language of power: Compare the language used by Sophocles, in his Antigone, and in the Code of Hammurabi to describe law and authority. King Hammurabi had used harsh retaliation liberal language in the code of Hammurabi. The reason why Hammurabi used the harsh language in the Code of Hammurabi has to come with the time period of Babylonian society. The ancient Babylon had a high agricultural productivity and it results in a superior ability of supporting population dependents…

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  • Jainism And Naturalism

    thought. The naturalistic stream is systemized into two major systems, theVaisesika and Jaina. In these systems the naturalistic theory of the external world is combined with a non-naturalistic theory of the human soul, which is the “spiritualistic eschatology” and I feel that this combination of naturalism and nonnaturalism is a uniquely interesting trait and would make for a great study.The Jaina literature is assumed to have been based on the teachings of Mahavira. In this article I look at…

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