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  • Joseph Goebbels And Hitler's Propaganda During World War II

    Propaganda, a collection of information in a misleading nature, it is used to publicize political thoughts. This is what Hitler did not realize during World War II. Even though one may say his war tactics started the Nazi Party, Hitler would not have gained control without a form of advertising. Hitler may have used the Brownshirts to start his regime, but Joseph Goebbels was his primary help when trying to get people to follow him. With the start of the Brownshirts, Joseph Goebbels’ help, and…

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  • The Significance Of The Wall Street Crash In 1929

    In this essay, I will be examining the significance of the Wall Street Crash (WSC) by exploring its impact in socio-economic and political impacts on Germany up to 1934. This will include exploring its significance in terms of unemployment political crises, the rise of Nazis as the largest party and ultimately both the enabling act and the early stages of Gleichschaltung, up to the NOTLK and the death of Hindenburg as well as the Army oath and how this affected the German people. I will also…

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  • Was Hitler A Strong Dictator Essay

    Hitler - one of the most prominent figures in WW2. It is widely assumed by the public that he was a strong dictator; he successfully organised and implemented the Holocaust, had total control over Nazi Germany, and his subordinates. However, if he was defeated in the end, how strong of a dictator can he be? Historians have analysed the structure of the Third Reich, as well as Hitler himself, to determine the breakdown of the Third Reich. From this there have been differing conclusions in the…

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