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  • Veterinarian Research Papers

    Veterinarians I’ve always loved animals, I grew up around them all of my life. I have owned animals for as long as I can remember. I can still remember my first animal, a bearded dragon. Animals are my passion, and I have been caring, raising, and breeding animals for as long as I can remember. My family has owned animals from horses to a 6.5 foot Red tail boa. I can already clean and dress wounds and do many other things required of veterinarians. My mother is a veterinarian technician, based…

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  • Hyde Alternate Ending

    basement was listening to the sex pistols on his vintage record player. His name was Steven Hyde, a brutally honest and down to earth, radical dude. As the last note from johnny rotten's mouth is growled out, “I wanna be anarchy”, Eric walks in. “Hey man”, says Hyde. Eric asked how's it hanging as he looks into hyde's tinted shades. “Its pretty chill I guess”. “ So, the gang is gonna go out tonight to a disco record burning party. “I'm there, man, might meet some chill people. “What?!”…

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  • Animal Farm Failure Essay

    Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” He was the rightful leader of this cause, and that made this movement much more successful than it would have been without him. But, was this the case on Animal Farm? After the rebellion, the pigs rose discreetly into power. The pigs were not the right leaders for Animal Farm, although it was…

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  • The Geography Of Bliss Analysis

    This quote from Eric Weiner’s travel narrative, The Geography of Bliss, epitomizes an American perspective on thinking. Before his travels pursuing happiness, Weiner never had to consider what thinking did, or does, emotionally. Like many Americans, I find my perspective to be limited in that we Americans do not naturally consider how our thinking is affecting our own happiness. In his book, Weiner finds that other countries have views very contradictory to ours at home. Weiner even points out…

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  • Summary Of Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy Book Report

    Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy starts off in a shopping mall in Washington D.C. Cammie and her class are there as a field project. The assignment was to see if they can identify who is following them and get them off their trail. The teacher wants to see if the students can spy on people to figure out who is following them. Two boys start following Cammie and her partner Bex. They headed to the museum to meet their teacher and the boys went after them. The girls broke two important rules.…

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  • Penguin By Design Analysis

    In this chapter, I will be exploring the history of Penguin and their book covers/jackets, looking at the layouts and developments of design as the years progressed. Subsequently, I will be primarily looking towards Phil Banes’ Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005, as, while it is not a comprehensive catalogue of the entirety of Penguin’s cover history, it contains the main pathways, showing the development of the brand along with their changes in design and the new series’ and prints that…

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  • Role Of Propaganda In Animal Farm

    Propaganda in Animal Farm 1) What is propaganda and how is it connected to characterisation? Commonly used as a form of promotion or indoctrination, propaganda in its simplest form is the intentional distribution of information, ideas and fabricated rumours to benefit or demoralise the opposing or supported parties. Throughout the history of mankind propaganda was commonly utilized as a weapon of persuasion in dire times such as World Wars I and II, the Cold War in addition to the ongoing…

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  • The Butterfly Effect And Beloved

    past and the future. In Beloved (1987), Toni Morrison shows how Sethe had dehumanizing experiences during her years of slavery. Even in freedom, Sethe was reminded of her past which affected her decisions and destroyed her identity. In contrast, in Eric Bress and J. Mackye Grubber’s The Butterfly Effect (2004), Evan witnessed and participated in traumatizing events in his childhood. When he discovers his ability to time travel, Evan alters his past only to find out it damaged his future. Despite…

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  • The Selfish Giant Analysis

    The Selfish Giant is a story about a process of a selfish giant becoming a generous one. The Giant had a very beautiful garden where the children like playing. After the giant expelled children rudely, only the cold winter was in his garden. Finally, he realized that is was his selfishness prevented the coming of the spring. The giant proceeded to ruin the wall of his garden and to welcome children to play in his garden. Years later, the giant died and was taken to the Heaven by the child who…

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  • Reflection Paper For Immigration Class

    Before this course, I was familiar with the immigrant stories of Mexicans, families and students. After this class, I was able to learn about other stories of immigrants coming from Latin America, and Russia. Society already defines immigrants to be only Latino’s or people from Mexico but in reality, there are millions of immigrants who have ben in the United States and who are coming now from Russia, Korea, Canada, Syria etc. Just like the immigrants from Latin American many of them are…

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